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In Divorce, Not All Assets Are Created Equal

By HD Law Partners |

As highlighted by this CNBC coverage, taking financial missteps during divorce can leave you in bad shape, especially if you and your ex’s finances are closely intertwined. It is crucial that you understand the implications of all the financial decisions being made, even if you are working with an attorney and/or financial advisor. Below,… Read More »

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What is the Florida Law on Marital Debt in a Divorce?

By HD Law Partners |

Similar to the division of marital assets during divorce, couples also typically have to deal with the division of marital debt when they part ways. Florida treats marital debt similarly to the division of property by splitting it up via equitable distribution once it is determined what is marital versus nonmarital. However, if one… Read More »

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Protecting Your Non-marital Property and Assets

By HD Law Partners |

Divorce is rarely an easy process for couples. Even for those splitting up amicably, frustration can sometimes emerge when dealing with sensitive issues such as child custody or property and asset division. Florida abides by the principle of equitable distribution, meaning that any and all property and other assets acquired during the marriage is… Read More »

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