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Orlando Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Mostly because they have almost no protection against oncoming cars, the motorcycle rider fatality rate is almost thirty times higher than the vehicle occupant fatality rate. Even though riders almost always sustain serious or fatal injuries in these crashes, many Orange County jurors hesitate to award fair compensation in these cases. This hesitation is especially acute if the insurance company has any sort of defense.

Complex motorcycle crash cases demand experienced attorneys with vast resources, like the ones at HD Law Partners. Our Orlando motorcycle accident attorneys work quickly to collect evidence in support of your claim. That includes electronic evidence which is difficult to acquire, like the information on the Event Data Recorder. Then, we put the facts together in a compelling way, so the jury fully appreciates your injuries and understands the legal implications. If the insurance company has a defense, we do not back away from it. Instead, we attack it.

Motorcycle Crash Injuries in Orlando

In auto collisions, vehicle occupants may rely on multiple restraint layers, not to mention a steel cocoon, for protection. But motorcycle riders have no such advantages. So, they often sustain serious injuries in these crashes, including:

  • Broken Bones: Typically, the force of the impact throws riders off their bikes. When they land, they often crush their bones. As a result, doctors must use metal screws or pins during corrective surgery. Afterwards, the victims must go through months of painful and expensive physical rehabilitation.
  • Head Injuries: Motorcycle helmets sometimes prevent head injuries. But they do nothing to prevent motion-related head injuries. Just like it’s possible to scramble an egg without breaking the shell, it’s possible to scramble the brain without cracking the skull. And, as mentioned above, the force in these collisions is almost unbelievably strong.
  • Internal Injuries: These same forces cause internal organs to grind and bump against one another. Without the skin’s protective layer, these abrasions cause excessive bleeding. Many times, first responders do not detect this blood loss straightaway, so it continues unabated.

Damages in Florida motorcycle crash cases usually include compensation for medical bills and other economic losses, as well as emotional distress and other noneconomic losses.

Obtaining Compensation in Orange County Court

The motorcycle prejudice is not as strong as it once was. But many jurors still believe that motorcycle riders are reckless thugs. Unless an attorney addresses it, the motorcycle prejudice can derail even seemingly airtight cases.

Focusing on the cause is one way to defuse the motorcycle prejudice. Many times, the tortfeasor was either impaired or failed to maintain a proper lookout. It is imperative that the jury view the plaintiff as a victim.

Next, an attorney must separate the victim/plaintiff from the prejudice. It is usually a bad idea to try and change a juror’s mind. It is a better idea to convince jurors that their prejudices do not apply in this particular case.

Some Insurance Company Defenses in Orlando

Most car crash defenses revolve around the contributory negligence rule. If the jury wrongfully applied the motorcycle prejudice, this defense often finds traction.

Basically, contributory negligence shifts fault for the accident from the tortfeasor to the victim. Florida is a pure comparative fault state. So, divided responsibility usually only reduces the amount of compensation the victim receives. This rule does not defeat liability altogether, at least in most cases.

Other motorcycle crash cases involve the assumption of the risk defense. This doctrine may apply if the victim was not wearing a helmet, or was not wearing a certain kind of helmet.

Reach Out to Tenacious Orlando Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Motorcycle crash victims are often entitled to substantial compensation, but these cases are difficult to win. For a free consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney in Orlando, contact HD Law Partners. Home and hospital visits are available.

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