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Being convicted of a criminal offense will impact your life for many years to come. With a criminal record, you may find it difficult to obtain employment, housing, as well as scholarships and other academic opportunities. For some people, sealing or expunging their records provides a way to avoid these consequences. Many people use the terms sealing and expunging interchangeably, but there are important differences between the two. Below, our Tampa seal/expunge record attorney explains more.

Sealing vs. Expunging a Record

Sealing a criminal record and expunging one are two very different legal actions. Sealing your criminal record only removes it from the public record. An expungement, on the other hand, will essentially destroy the record. When a record is sealed, a court order can still grant access to it. For example, if you were charged with another crime, a court order may be issued so the previous offense can be taken into consideration. An expunged record is destroyed and so no one can see it, even when a court order has been issued.

Benefits of Sealing or Expunging a Criminal Record

Sealing or expunging a criminal record has many benefits. The biggest of these are as follows:

  • Your previous criminal history is not shown during a background check
  • You can honestly state that you have never been arrested or convicted of a crime
  • Employers cannot access the record and so, will not know of your criminal history
  • Academic institutions will also not have access to your record, which can open up scholarships and other opportunities
  • Your reputation is protected
  • You will have closure and peace of mind

How to Qualify for a Sealing or Expungement of a Record

Unfortunately, not everyone is eligible to have their criminal record sealed or expunged. If you were arrested but never convicted for an offense, you qualify for a sealing or expungement if you have not had another criminal record sealed or expunged. You are only eligible if you are not currently trying to seal or expunge another record.

There are also certain offenses that are not eligible to have your records sealed or expunged. These include driving under the influence and domestic battery. Even if you were not convicted of these crimes, you still cannot seal or expunge the record.

Required Disclosure

Just as there are some criminal offenses that are ineligible for sealing or expungement, you may also still have to disclose the existence of the record in certain situations. These include to the following areas of employment:

  • Those that require a license issued by the state,
  • Law enforcement and government positions,
  • School-related positions, and
  • Public office positions.

Our Seal/Expunge Record Attorney in Tampa Can Assist with Your Case

Sealing and expunging your criminal record is not easy. At HD Law Partners, our Tampa seal/expunge record attorney can help you navigate the process and give you the best possible chance of success. Call or text us now at 813-964-7878 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation and to learn more about the process.

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