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Fort Myers Personal Injury Attorney

Being involved in an accident, no matter how or where it occurs, can be a traumatic experience, especially if that accident leaves you with serious injuries. At the office of HD Law Partners, we believe that those who are injured should be compensated for the expenses that they incur as a result, and our team has been providing superior legal representation to our personal injury clients throughout Fort Myers for decades. If you have suffered harm as a result of another party’s negligence, let our Fort Myers personal injury attorneys represent you.

What Is a Personal Injury Claim?

A personal injury claim is a civil action that is filed by the victim of an injury against the party who’s allegedly at fault for the injury. This type of claim does not have any criminal consequences, but does allow for an injured party to seek recompense for the value of their economic and noneconomic damages. In order to win a personal injury claim, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant owed them a duty of care, breached the duty of care, and that the breach was the proximate cause of injuries.

Our Personal Injury Practice Areas

Our lawyers have been practicing personal injury law for years, bringing decades of combined legal experience to the table. We have helped clients who have been harmed in myriad accident types seek compensation for their damages, and our personal injury practice areas include:

  • Auto accidents;
  • Pedestrian accidents;
  • Bicycle accidents;
  • Motorcycle accidents;
  • Slip and fall accidents;
  • Large truck accidents;
  • Dangerous premises accidents;
  • Defective product cases; and
  • More.

If you have suffered an injury, our team is here to help. Reach us for a free consultation to learn more about whether or not you have a claim.

Statute of Limitations in Florida

 When you have been injured and are thinking about seeking damages by filing a personal injury claim, it’s important to remember that you do not have an unlimited amount of time. Any action founded on negligence in Florida must be filed within four years from the date of the cause of action.The sooner that you contact our law firm, the sooner that we can start building your case.

Our Lawyers Are Here to Serve You 

Filing a personal injury claim can be an intimidating experience. Our lawyers are here to serve you, representing your best interests throughout the process. We will aid you by:

  • Investigating your case and gathering evidence;
  • Hiring experts to support your claim;
  • Filing all documents and paperwork;
  • Determining fault, negligence, and liability;
  • Representing you in negotiations with an insurer;
  • Determining the value of your claim; and
  • Taking your case to court if necessary.

Our lawyers have trial experience, and aren’t intimidated by litigation.

Call Our Fort Myers Personal Injury Lawyers Today 

When you are injured due to another’s negligence, you don’t have to merely accept your fate. Instead, you can work with a qualified Fort Myers personal injury lawyer from our team and improve your chances of recovering the financial compensation that you deserve. Please call us today for your free, no-obligation consultation and to learn more about why you should work with us.

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