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Sarasota Sinkhole Claims Attorney

Homeowners’ insurance providers are often quick to approve sinkhole claims for policy holders so that they can begin rebuilding their homes and replacing damaged property. This service is essential for homeowners all throughout Florida and Sarasota—the sinkhole capital of the country. However, not all claims should be approved so quickly. Some should be denied outright due to overinflated damages, or because the damages were caused by an uncovered peril. For example, a sinkholes is similar to catastrophic ground cover collapse, but the difference between the two can mean an accepted or denied claim. A homeowner who has suffered from sinkhole damage may even take legal measures to pressure an insurance company into paying out in invalid claim, which is when hiring an experienced Sarasota litigator becomes necessary. The Sarasota sinkhole claims and catastrophic ground cover collapse attorneys with HD Law Partners provide important legal services for insurers to avoid expensive overpayments and issues with invalid claim.

Florida’s Bedrock is Responsible For Causing Sinkholes

Sinkholes and catastrophic ground cover collapse are caused by the sudden collapse of ground surface when the supporting bedrock gives way underneath, according to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Florida is comprised of a porous limestone bedrock, which allows groundwater to run through underneath in tunnels and cracks. As the slightly acidic groundwater moves through, it slowly eats away at the limestone. Over time, this limestone, upon which soil and buildings rest, is deteriorated to a point that a large chasm forms. With nothing to support the weight above, the ground collapses. Sinkholes and catastrophic ground cover collapse are the same natural phenomenon, but with a few important legal distinctions. In order for the event to be considered catastrophic ground cover collapse, the structure must be damaged to an extent that it must be condemned, the damage must extend to the foundation, and the depression in the ground must be clearly visible to the naked eye. Moreover, catastrophic ground cover collapse is included in all homeowners’ policies, while sinkhole coverage must be purchased separately.

Neutral Evaluation Program

If a homeowner does not agree with their insurer’s findings regarding a sinkhole loss claim, they have the option to request a neutral evaluation under Florida statute 627.7074. The evaluator must be provided with access to the exterior and interior of the building, and the insurer is required to pay for the costs. However, the neutral evaluator’s non-binding findings will not necessarily keep either party from pursuing further legal action. The insurer can continue to deny a claim, while the homeowner is free to file a lawsuit.

A Sarasota Homeowners’ Insurance Attorney Can Provide Professional Legal Assistance

Our attorneys review policy provisions; investigate the cause of the damage to determine whether the incident was a sinkhole, catastrophic ground cover collapse, or something else; and asses the true cost of the property damage to keep insurers from overpaying claims and paying invalid claims, both of which can seriously harm your business. For immediate assistance, call the Sarasota sinkhole lawyers at HD Law Partners today at 813-964-7878 to schedule a free consultation.

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