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If you and your spouse are residents of the state of Florida and have reached a point in your relationship where you wish to dissolve your marriage, you can file for divorce. However, filing for a divorce does not mean that divorce is automatic; rather, there are a number of matters that you and your spouse will have to reach agreement on before your divorce will be settled. At the law offices of HD Law Partners, our Tampa divorce attorneys can guide you through what you need to know, and will provide you with the experienced counsel you’re seeking.

A Tampa Divorce Attorney for All Divorce-Related Matters

Our Tampa divorce lawyers are knowledgeable in all divorce-related matters, beginning with the requirements for filing for divorce and how to file a petition for dissolution of marriage. We can also help you understand when you may need to file a petition for dissolution of marriage with minor children, with property but without children, or with both minor children and property. In addition to representing you during the filing of your petition and related actions (such as serving your spouse with the petition), we will also actively represent you in:

  • The formation of a parenting plan. If you and your spouse are seeking a divorce and you have any minor children together, you will need to form a Florida parenting plan. Parenting plans are used to determine with whom a child will live, how time will be shared between each parent with the child, who will make decisions about the child, how a child will be transported between each parent, what happens if parents are in disagreement about an issue regarding the child, and more.
  • Understanding spousal maintenance. An award for spousal maintenance is a very common occurrence when a couple files for divorce. Whether you are the financially dependent or independent party, we can help you to understand the law regarding spousal maintenance, and will work to preserve your best interests.
  • Division of property. Florida is an equitable distribution state, which means that marital party must be divided by a couple in a manner that is equitable. We can assist you in determining what equitable means, and how to fight for the property that you really want.

Advocating for You in and Out of the Courtroom

We encourage all of our clients to work with their spouse in order to reach a divorce settlement in regards to the issues above outside of court through negotiations and mediations. Going to court is expensive, time-consuming, and often ends in a manner that leaves clients dissatisfied. With that in mind, at HD Law Partners, we do have extensive trial experience, and will be ready to represent you in family court if your case cannot be resolved otherwise.

Contact Our Tampa Divorce Attorneys Today

Going through a divorce is hard – our team makes the legal side a little easier. To schedule your initial consultation with our talented Tampa family law attorneys today, or to ask a question to one of our staff members, please call us directly or send us a short message.

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