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Tampa Fire Claims Attorney

Homeowners’ insurance is a valuable safety net for everyone living in Florida, where we routinely experience devastating tropical storms, hurricanes, and catastrophic ground cover collapse. Storms, arson, faulty electrical wiring, cooking incidents, smoking, and other types of accidents can all lead to fire damage, resulting in the partial or complete destruction of a property. As an insurance company, you provide financial assistance when the homeowner needs it, in return for relatively low premiums. This mutually beneficial system generally works very smoothly for fires and other types of damages. However, in some instances, a claim may be filed that is exaggerated or involves damages that the policy does not cover. Or, the fire may have been caused intentionally in order to receive insurance money. Here at the law offices of HD Law Partners, our Tampa fire claims attorneys protect our clients from exaggerated claims and unscrupulous home and business owners. With over 40 years of combined experience, our attorneys have successfully settled and litigated all types of fire insurance claims. Our aim is to uncover the claims that are exaggerated, disconnected, or duplicated in order to help you keep your costs low for your honest customers.

How Fires Typically Occur in Florida Homes

Despite all new homes and structures incorporating fire retardant materials, being outfitted with smoke detectors and sprinkler heads, and the public having a good understanding of fire prevention, home fires are still quite common. In fact, the National Fire Protection Association reports that a fire department responds to a home fire every 88 seconds nationally. Home fires cause over 11,000 injuries per year, and more than 2,500 deaths, in addition to over $6.5 billion in direct damages. Candles, which used to be a major cause of home fires, are now a thing of the past, which leaves cooking as the leading cause of home fires and injuries. Smoking is a close-second cause of home fires, followed by heating equipment.

Investigating the Cause of the Fire

The first step in ensuring that our clients do not overpay on a claim, or pay a claim that is invalid, is to investigate the cause of the fire and ensure that however the fire started is covered under the homeowner’s specific policy, such as the home being declared vacant at the time of the fire, or arson by the homeowner. 14 percent of fires started by arson are to collect insurance money, according to the Department of Homeland Security, though other studies suggest that number is much higher.

Value of the Property

In order to protect our clients from overpaying, it is paramount to get an accurate assessment of the true damages caused in the fire. Some home owners either exaggerate or overestimate the value of the real and personal property lost in the flames.

Contact a Tampa Homeowners’ Fire Claim Attorney for Assistance

In order to continue running a vital, thriving insurance business, all exaggerated and false fire damage claims must be weeded out from the legitimate claims. Our lawyers at HD Law Partners can protect you from overpaying, and will conduct a thorough investigation into all suspicious or unfounded claims. Call us today today at 813-964-7878 to schedule a free consultation.

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