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Bradenton Insurance Bad Faith Attorney

Bradenton Bad Faith Insurance Attorneys Serving Clients in Pasco County, Florida

Under Florida law, insurance companies have a basic requirement to use good faith settlement practices when dealing with claimants. This is true whether insurers are dealing with first-party claimants such as homeowners or third-party claimants such as an auto accident victim. In the overwhelming majority of cases, insurance companies follow the law. Indeed, insurance companies generally try to work hard to process and settle claims in the most efficient and fair manner possible to all parties involved. Unfortunately, insurers are sometimes vilified by policyholders and third parties who excuse them of operating in bad faith.

At HD Law Partners, our Bradenton insurance bad faith attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of Florida’s insurance regulations. We represent insurance carriers in a wide range of coverage disputes and other types of complex litigation. If you are an insurer in need of representation from a Bradenton bad faith insurance defense lawyer, please do not hesitate to contact our law office today.

Bad Faith Insurance Laws in Florida

 Under Florida law (Florida Statute 624.155), insurance companies must handle all reasonable insurance claims in a fair and honest manner. The failure to do so could result in an insurance company being held legally liable in a bad faith claim. If an insurer loses a bad faith claim, the company could owe financial damages for the full value of the original claim, additional compensation for any incidental losses, and full coverage for all related court costs and attorneys’ fees. It is important that insurers understand their duties under state law. All first-party and third-party insurance claims should be:

  1. Carefully investigated;
  2. Responded to without any unreasonable delay; and
  3. If the claim is valid, settled for the fair market value.

 Insurance Bad Faith Defense in Bradenton, FL

 Our Bradenton, FL bad faith insurance defense lawyers have the skills and experience needed to represent insurance companies that are facing illegitimate or unfair bad faith claims. Unfortunately, in some cases, policyholders and third parties try to use the threat of a bad faith claim to intimidate the insurance company into overpaying an initial claim. Insurance companies need to be able to protect their financial interests. Our lawyers understand what insurance companies are up against when it comes to Florida’s bad faith insurance statute and the bad faith insurance claims process. We are prepared to offer an effective and professional defense of your company’s business interests. If your company is being sued over alleged bad faith settlement practices, you should contact our law firm immediately.

Contact Our Bradenton, FL Bad Faith Insurance Attorneys Today

At HD Law Partners, our Bradenton insurance lawyers have decades of collective experience litigating bad faith insurance lawsuits in Florida. We understand the full range of coverage disputes and bad faith issues. If you are an insurer facing a bad faith claim, please do not hesitate to contact law firm today for legal guidance. We represent clients throughout Pasco County, including in Port Richey, San Antonio, Zephyrhills, St. Leo, and New Port Richey.

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