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Tampa Structural Defects Attorney

Homeowners’ insurance covers a wide number of natural and human-caused perils. Depending on the policy held by the homeowner, they may be able to collect compensation for fire, water, mold, wind, or hail damage, among other forms of property damage, depending how the damage occurred. Human-caused perils include vandalism, arson caused by a third party, and more. However, structural defects in the building or home are generally never covered by homeowners’ insurance. Instead, the policy holder should pursue compensation from the builder. Yet, many homeowners believe that the damage caused to their home should either be covered by their insurance policy, or they are unaware that the damage was caused by a defect, and instead believe that water damage, for example, was caused by a recent storm, when in fact the leak was only made possible by a defective roof. The experienced Tampa structural defects attorneys at HD Law Partners can help with any structural defect related case. Don’t delay, call our office today.

Types of Structural Defects

Home damage can be caused by defective workmanship; the error may lay with the design, the materials used for construction, or the construction itself. Defects can come in any form, from electrical, moisture protection, and structural integrity, to finishes, windows, and doors. Our attorneys assist insurers with avoiding costly overpayments when damage was caused by a defect, not a storm or other covered peril.

Foundation Defects Cause Structural Defects Throughout the Entire Home

The most serious type of construction defect is usually to the foundation, which impacts the entire structure on up. According to recent research published in Science Direct, the first of the three major causes of structural defects is unsuitable soils. Soil expansion and contraction is a leading cause of foundation damage, though many homes in Tampa do not suffer from this issue because much of the soil in the region is sandy, according to Gardening Solutions, and as the soil is saturated with water and then dries out, it expands and contracts very little. For homes built on soil containing higher levels of clay, on the other hand, soil expansion can be a serious problem for foundations. Additionally, homes that were built on grounds that were not properly compacted may end up “settling,” which can cause cracks in the foundation and structural shifts, resulting in damage to walls, roofs, and windows up higher. Due to the heavy rainfall in Florida, another defective construction issue faced by foundations is flooding. If the ground was not properly compacted before construction, drainage may be an issue. None of these construction defects should be covered under a homeowners’ insurance policy. While it may appear that damage was caused in a storm or from water leak, upon further investigation is may be discovered that the damage is actually due to non-covered peril, such as defective building.

Call a Tampa Structural Defect Attorney Today

An attorney can save you from paying out on claim damages that were caused by the builder, the party with whom the insured should be filing their claim. For professional legal assistance, call the Tampa structural defects lawyers at HD Law Partners today 813-964-7878 to schedule a free consultation.

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