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If you and your spouse have resided in Florida for over 6 months, then you can petition to dissolve your marriage with the Florida courts. The process that needs to be taken and the paperwork that needs to be filed changes depending on the circumstances. Reach out to our Sarasota divorce attorneys for legal counsel to ensure you file the appropriate forms needed the first time .

The only requirement needed for divorce in Florida is proof provided by one party that their marriage is irrevocably broken. If you and your spouse are amicable and have jointly determined that the marriage cannot be saved then you will petition for simplified dissolution of marriage. However, there are many stipulations to filing this way. For instance, if you cannot agree on how to handle your assets or liabilities, you will have a more extensive process. Other petition types include:

  • Petition for Dissolution of Marriage with Dependent or Minor Child(ren);
  • Petition for Dissolution of Marriage with Property but No Dependent or Minor Child(ren);
  • Petition for Dissolution of Marriage with No Dependent or Minor Child(ren) or Property

Many people do not know their rights when it comes to divorce, which is why it is crucial to seek assistance from an accomplished family law attorney. Others within the court may answer your direct questions but only a family law attorney can offer the legal advice you need. Each case is very individualized and carries the emotional turmoil of the marriage with it. As the Florida Bar describes each case must take into account the following:

  • Parenting Plan and Child Support– It is Florida’s policy to make sure parents attend a parenting course prior to dissolving their marriage. It is customary for the court to approve parenting plans that show both parents will share the role equally and in the best interest of the child. Beyond that, there are the financial responsibilities of raising a child and those decisions must be approved by the court in a divorce in the form of child support. Having a clear picture of how you want to parent and pay for your child’s expenses prior to divorce can be complex given how emotional this part of a divorce is. If you are in the Tampa or Orlando area, HD Law Partners is available to review your petition.
  • Assets and Liabilities — Each party can request financial information be disclosed by the other party but in a simplified dissolution of marriage, this request does not need to be honored. Finances can have a long-lasting impact on each individual and it is not uncommon for new financial information to be revealed last minute. It is advantageous to have legal counsel go over the division of assets you plan to present to the court because of how complex this area is. It includes everything from cars and income to car payments and retirement funds.
  • Alimony — When a marriage ends in divorce, one spouse may receive monetary support from the other. Whether you are the spouse paying alimony or the spouse receiving alimony, it can greatly impact your life, especially if it is awarded permanently. Florida is one of the few states that still permits alimony to be permanent. Other temporary options are based on each spouse’s age, income, education, and most importantly, the length of their marriage prior to dissolution.

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