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Florida is prone to a variety of disasters. From hurricanes to sinkholes, insurance companies are there to help pick up the pieces and rebuild the lives of their valued customers. While most sinkholes only cause damage to yards, vehicles, sheds, and partial damage to homes, there are those rare sinkholes that destroy or engulf entire houses. These damages are usually very costly, and not all claims are valid. Whether a homeowner submits a sinkhole or catastrophic ground cover collapse claim, insurers owe their shareholders a duty of diligence to investigate each claim. An attorney can help protect you from exaggerated claims, unfounded claims, and claims caused by unprotected perils—in many cases, homeowners submit a claim for catastrophic ground cover collapse, when in fact the event is more accurately defined as a sinkhole. The Orlando sinkhole claims attorneys are deftly experienced in litigation and claim investigation, and can help protect your business from over inflated claims and unnecessary costs.

Orlando, or “Sinkhole Alley,” Has Prime Conditions for Devastating Sinkholes and Catastrophic Ground Cover Collapse

No other state has as many sinkholes events as Florida. Almost all of Florida sits on karst topography—the necessary type of bedrock for sinkholes to form—according to Business Insider. Sinkholes occur when limestone or other carbonate rock is eaten away by groundwater of the years. As the acidic water deteriorates the bedrock, forming caverns, less structural support is left to hold up the ground soil. Sinkholes are prone to collapsing during times of drought and heavy rain, according to the Smithsonian Magazine. During drought, groundwater that helped support the cavern is suddenly gone, leaving the fragile cavern, with tons of soil and building sitting on top, prone to collapse. During flooding, the rush of groundwater causes increased erosion underneath homes, also increasing the chance of collapse.

Most Florida Homeowners Do Not Purchase Sinkhole Insurance

Because Florida law requires all general homeowners’ insurance policies to include catastrophic ground cover collapse, most homeowners do not realize that they are not protected against sinkholes unless they purchase additional coverage. Even when encouraged to purchase this additional protection, many Orlando homeowners opt out, which is, of course, their choice. However, it is not up to an insurer to absorb the cost of home repair when it can be proven that the uninsured structure was damaged by a sinkhole, not catastrophic ground cover collapse. A structure must be damaged so severely that the foundation and building are impacted, and the structure be condemned and ordered vacated in order for the event to be considered catastrophic ground cover collapse. The criteria for a sinkhole are far less severe.

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Our lawyers offer experienced litigation defense for insurers that are up against exaggerated claims, unfounded claims, and damages caused by uncovered perils. Contact the Orlando lawyers at HD Law Partners today for more information about our catastrophic ground cover collapse and sinkhole services. Call us at 813-964-7878 to schedule a free consultation today.

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