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Fort Myers Insurance Bad Faith Attorney

Insurance companies throughout Fort Myers are required to act in good faith in regards to claims that are filed against the company. This means that an insurer must be reasonable in the amount of time that it takes to investigate a case, must conduct a thorough and prompt investigation, and must not use any deceptive practices to reduce or deny a claim, amongst other things. But while insurers have a duty to the consumer, they also have a duty to their shareholders to not pay out claims that aren’t valid, and to not offer a claimant more than they deserve. For this reason, insurers must be stringent in their investigations, and should only pay claims in cases where liability and damages are clear.

Unfortunately, when insurers do due diligence to properly investigate a claim and make a discovery that may reduce a claimant’s settlement, they are often accused of bad faith practices. Our Fort Myers insurance bad faith attorneys at the office of HD Law Partners can defend your company from these allegations, and help you to protect yourself against a bad faith suit.

We Represent You in Coverage Disputes and Claims of Bad Faith

Our experienced insurance defense lawyers can provide competent legal representation to your insurance company in regards to bodily injury liability claim, general liability claims, uninsured motorist claims, homeowners’ claims, property damage policy claims, and more. We also provide representation in regards to third-party subrogation claims. When you are being accused of bad faith, we will thoroughly investigate the facts of the case to answer questions about the policyholder’s standing, the coverage outlined in the policy, as well as whether or not the coverage is applicable in this case. We will also review evidence that you have of an investigation or other reasons why you are not offering the claimant the settlement they are asking.

We can also ask questions that we know will be asked in a lawsuit, should your case go to trial, regarding whether or not you maintained the right to deny coverage, whether or not you conducted a proper investigation of the case, whether or not you made an attempt to settle the claim despite the dispute.

Guiding You Through Your Options

Plaintiffs and their lawyers are quick to ascribe tactics of “bad faith” to an insurance company that does not settle a claim immediately or offers a claimant less than they believe they deserve. Our Fort Myers insurance defense lawyers will guide you through your options when this happens, including alternative dispute resolution and going to trial. We believe that insurers shouldn’t be punished for acting reasonably, and shouldn’t be exposed and held potentially liable when they are acting in good faith.

Hire Our Legal Team for Insurance Defense Today

Insurance companies are often easy targets for claims of bad faith, even when these claims are unfounded. To protect your company and your best interests from the potential ramifications of these serious allegations, call our team at HD Law Partners today. We have decades of combined legal experience representing insurers in disputes in Fort Myers and surrounding areas. Reach us now for your consultation.

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