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Bradenton Corporate Law Attorney 

Corporations are one of Florida’s most popular business forms. If you are starting a corporation, or if you have a legal dispute involving an existing one, then you need a trusted legal advisor by your side. At HD Law Partners, our Bradenton corporate attorneys advise clients on a host of legal issues, including corporate formation, operation, employment issues, and shareholder disputes. If you have questions, we have the answers.

Establishing Your Corporation

Although Florida’s Articles of Incorporation are only a few pages in length, most businesses require hours of planning and thinking before they file their Articles with the Department of State. For example, we can help clients decide whether they want to form a limited liability company (LLC), for-profit corporation, non-profit, or other business entity.

When you are prepared to take the first step and incorporate, please call HD Law Partners. We can help you understand the legal consequences of selecting the right business form and can advise you of appropriate next steps to take.

Building a Foundation for Success

Filing your Articles of Incorporation with the Department of State is only the first step. Your LLC, corporation, or non-profit also needs operation documents, such as a Shareholder Agreement or Operating agreement. These documents explain the nuts and bolts of how your business will be run and require a careful legal eye to protect the business as well as the owners.

We can also help you identify and build an appropriate Board of Directors and understand your duties for calling the initial meeting of the Board. Because corporations have extensive bookkeeping requirements, we can help you understand those as well.

Growing Your Business

As trusted legal advisors, we can continue to answer any questions you have going forward. The fact is that thorny legal issues arise months and years after formation that are beyond the comprehension of most entrepreneurs. For example, as your business grows, you might want to merge or acquire a competitor. Also, you will probably need to enter into short-term or long-term business contracts, which create other legal obligations you need to fully understand.

You might also issue shares in your corporation for sale, which means that you must comply with complicated federal and state security regulations. To ensure compliance, you need an experienced corporate attorney who can help navigate through the process and defend you if government regulators investigate your corporation.

Lastly, employment issues crop up continually at any corporation. We can help with a variety of employment issues, whether you need to terminate an employee or draft an adequate employment contract that protects your interests.

Speak with a Corporate Law Attorney in Bradenton Today

Entrepreneurs need legal advisors who not only understand the law but also speak the language of contemporary business. We understand that each business is different, and solutions that work for one client will not work for all sectors of the marketplace. Because of our experience, we can draft tailored solutions that meet your business needs. To learn more about the services we offer, please schedule your consultation with a Bradenton corporate attorney at HD Law Partners today.

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