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Sarasota Mold & Water Damage Attorney

Mold and water damage are two of the most common homeowners’ insurance claims here in Florida, and for good reason. Tropical storms, hurricanes, broken pipes, and backed up sewage systems let in the water, while Florida’s warm, humid climate is a perfect environment for mold growth after the initial water, leak, or spill, has been dealt with. Mold can infest a home even without an initial water source due to high humidity levels, though high humidity is one of many perils not covered under most homeowners’ insurance policies. Insurers are routinely faced with tough decisions regarding uncovered, exaggerated, or all together fraudulent claims. A Sarasota mold & water damage attorney can help solve legal issues faced by insurers who have denied mold and water claims. Here at HD Law Partners, we focus on careful policy review and investigating the covered building in question to get to the bottom of the dispute.

Many Forms of Mold and Water Damage are Not Covered Under Most Policies

Because 28 percent of the population has genes that make them susceptible to mold-related health issues, according to This Old House, it is no wonder why homeowners who discover mold damage are so eager to rid their homes of this potentially toxic substance. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the only way to control mold growth is to control moisture. Moisture control, or lack thereof, is often caused by high humidity or condensation—two perils that are typically not covered. Most homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover the following perils, and thoroughly investigating the covered building is the only way to determine what caused the damage:

  • Slow leaks from the roof or windows;
  • Condensation near windows;
  • High humidity;
  • Gradual leaks or spilling in the bathroom over time;
  • Flood damage;
  • Water pipe damage due to wear and tear;
  • Slow leaking water pipe;
  • Defective appliances, such as hot water heaters;
  • Sewer or drain backup; and
  • Negligent maintenance in general.

Insurers typically only cover perils such as a sudden and unexpected leak, storm damage, burst pipe, overblown bathtub, or discharged fire sprinkler. When a policyholder refuses to accept a denied claim, our Sarasota attorneys have the litigation experience to solve the matter in court if necessary. Homeowners often do not know the cause of their water or mold damage, or, more rarely may even attempt to cover up the truth by blaming the damage on a peril that they know is covered. The longer that such a dispute wears on, the less evidence an insurer has to make their argument with, which is why quick intervention is the best way to efficiently solve such matters.

Reach Out to the Sarasota Mold and Water Damage Lawyers at HD Law Partners  

Mold and water claims make up a large portion of overall claims, and it can be easy to let things slide once in a while. By diligently reviewing policy details and investigating building damage, the Sarasota attorneys at HD Law Partners will ensure that overestimated and uncovered claims don’t slip through. Our experienced litigators can help save you from serious financial harm. Contact us at 888-267-565 to schedule a free consultation today.

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