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Orlando Mold & Water Damage Attorney 

Orlando is one of the warmest, wettest places to live within the continental United States. As such, homeowners commonly experience issues with mold, as well as flooding and water damage caused during storms and by broken water pipes. Homeowners’ insurance takes on the burden of the expensive repairs necessary to restore homes and damaged personal property. However, it is not always the responsibility of the insurer. In many cases, the mold or water damage are caused by uncovered perils, such as high humidity or a backed up neighborhood sewage system. The experienced Orlando mold & water damage attorneys at HD Law Partners have extensive experience handling such claims.

Water Damage: Is the Peril Covered Under the Policy?

Covered perils for most homeowners’ insurance policies are limited to the following:

  • A sudden and unexpected burst of a water pipe or hot water heater;
  • Accidents such as an overflowing bathtub or sink;
  • Discharge of fire sprinklers; and
  • Water damage to the home caused during a storm, such as a torn open roof that allows water to leak inside during a hurricane (excluding damage caused by flooding).

For the vast majority of homeowners’ policies, the list of uncovered perils is much longer than the list of covered perils. Perils that are typically notcovered under most homeowners’ insurance policies, or are only covered if the homeowner purchases an additional policy, include the following:

  • Wear and tear on pipes and hot water heaters, or other home appliances such as washing machines;
  • Defective water pipes, hot water heaters, or other appliances;
  • Flood damage;
  • Backed up sewer or water drain;
  • Gradual leaks from a damaged roof or water pipe;
  • Gradual leak from an unsealed window;
  • Other forms of negligent maintenance that cause gradual water damage;
  • Vandalism; and
  • Much more.

Mold is Typically Caused by Poor Maintenance and High Humidity

According to the Florida Department of Health, the presence of mold in the home can lead to a striking number of health implications, including wheezing, cough, skin burns, shortness of breath, sinus irritation, asthma attacks, and serious infections. If left undisturbed, mold will continue to spread throughout the home, causing physical damage to walls, flooring, and the integrity of the structure. Because mold is slow-growing and preventable, it is often not covered under most homeowners’ insurance policies. Another uncovered peril that causes an astounding amount of mold damage is flooding. According to University of Florida News, mold is one of the biggest issues caused by hurricanes and tropical storms, since the mold sticks around long after flooding has receded. Uncovered perils for most policies include the following:

  • Water spills;
  • High humidity;
  • Lack of ventilation in bathrooms;
  • Slow water leaks;
  • Backed up sewer or drainage.
  • Mold caused by flood damage.

Call the HD Law Partners of Orlando for Assistance Today

It can be difficult to explain to homeowners why their damages are not covered, or why their claim was denied for inflated costs. Likewise, it can be just as difficult to fight invalid claims, which is why the mold and water damage lawyers at HD Law Partners offer their extensive knowledge to Orlando home insurers. Our attorneys have more than 40 years of combined experience negotiating lower claim settlements and fighting fraud and unfounded claims through litigation. Call us today at 813-964-7878 to schedule a free consultation.

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