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Sarasota Timeshare Attorney

Florida timeshares often get a bad rap due to the high-pressure tactics used by some salespeople. What some salespersons tell you, may not necessarily be the truth. Just remember, a timeshare is not a short-term commitment. It is a long-term investment that incurs significant legal and financial obligations. So before you enter into a contract, or if you have already entered into a timeshare contract, you should speak with an experienced Sarasota timeshare attorney.

You Have Certain Rights Under Florida Timeshare Law

The most important thing to remember with respect to any timeshare is to never rely on oral promises made by salespeople. Florida has strict laws governing vacation and timeshare plans. The timeshare seller must make a number of disclosures in writing prior to closing. Among other things, these disclosures must let you know upfront all relevant terms of the timeshare, including the duration of the plan and any required maintenance fees, common charges, or assessments that you will be responsible for.

You also must be given at least 10 days to cancel a timeshare contract prior to closing. This is non-negotiable. Florida law does not allow a buyer–or anyone acting on their behalf–to waive the cancellation period. And if a timeshare seller tries to get around this, then the contract becomes voidable, which means you are free to walk away from the deal within one year of the time the cancellation period should have ended.

Have a Qualified Sarasota Attorney Review Your Timeshare Contract

Your potential timeshare legal problems go well beyond closing the deal. If you took out a mortgage/loan to finance your timeshare, you may face foreclosure if you fall behind on your payments. Any kind of default may have a significant impact on your consumer credit, which can affect everything from your ability to obtain future loans to even getting a job. In addition, you may face legal action from a timeshare resort or homeowners’ association if you do not pay any required fees and assessments on your usage of the property.

If mounting costs force you to sell, a Sarasota timeshare attorney can make sure scam artists do not try and take advantage of the situation. Many timeshare resale brokers demand large upfront fees in exchange for “guaranteeing” a buyer. Sadly, these brokers often run away with the fees, leaving the timeshare owner out to dry. At HD Law Partners, we can assist you with your timeshare obligation in an honest, above-board manner.

A timeshare is supposed to be about relaxation and enjoying all thatFlorida has to offer as a world-class vacation destination. But you need to treat the buying and selling of a timeshare as you would any other real estate property matter. You would not think of buying or selling your house without having an attorney review the deal. The same should be true for your timeshare.

If you need legal advice regarding a timeshare contract, contact HD Law Partners today at 813-253-5333 in Sarasota or Tampa, or at 800-876-3392 in Orlando.

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