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Fort Myers Timeshare Attorney

Fort Myers is a wonderful place to vacation, with people coming from across the country and the world to enjoy the area’s beaches, fishing, shopping, and other attractions. In fact, some people enjoy Fort Myers so much that they decide to make it a regular vacation destination, even going so far as to purchase a timeshare.

While a timeshare can be a great way to enjoy a favorite location, a timeshare is not a mere rental agreement; instead, entering a timeshare agreement means entering a legally-binding contract that holds you liable for recurring mortgage payments. Sometimes, vacationers are pressured into purchasing timeshare agreements without having the time to read–or the legal expertise to understand–the fine print. When this is the case, timeshare purchases may find that they are in over their heads. At the office of the HD Law Partners, our Fort Myers timeshare attorneys can represent your best interests. Call us today for a consultation.

Your Rights When Entering a Timeshare Agreement

Entering a timeshare agreement can be confusing, and it is not uncommon for purchasers to sign on the dotted line before fully understanding the stipulations of the timeshare contract. Fortunately, Florida law offers myriad protections for those who are purchasing a timeshare, including:

  • 10 days to cancel – When you purchase a timeshare in Florida, the law allows you up to 10 days to back out of your agreement. This provides you over a week to have the agreement reviewed by an attorney or to change your mind for other reasons. The right to cancel cannot be waived; don’t let a seller try to convince you otherwise.
  • Copy of the public offering statement – Another right you have is the right to a copy of the public offering statement, which provides a detailed description of the timeshare plan and a history of the project.
  • Protections from resale scams when you sell – The law also protects timeshare owners from resale scams, prohibiting a timeshare advertiser from claiming there is an interested buyer (without providing proof) and from collecting fees without a written contract detailing services.

How Our Lawyers Can Help

Purchasing a timeshare can sometimes mean being the victim of con artists who are looking to take financial advantage of those who don’t know better. And even when the purchase of a timeshare agreement is completely legitimate and legally sound, you could run into other problems down the line, such as difficulty making your mortgage payments and potential foreclosure.

Regardless of the issue that you’re facing, our Fort Myers timeshare lawyers provide qualified representation to timeshare owners and potential purchasers. We have years of experience helping our clients understand the complicated language of a timeshare contract, to understand their rights pertaining to timeshare ownership, and to take legal action when an infringement of those rights has occurred. If you are facing timeshare foreclosure, we can guide you through navigating your options.

Call Our Law Firm Today

Don’t become the victim of a timeshare scam. If you are thinking about purchasing a timeshare, have recently entered a timeshare contract, or if you are facing financial ramifications as a result of a timeshare agreement, reach out to our experienced Fort Myers timeshare attorneys at HD Law Partners today.

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