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Litigation is a win-loss scenario in many ways, which means one party will always be dissatisfied with the results. Fortunately, the US legal system offers options if you believe that the judge made a critical error when trying the case. The appellate process is an opportunity for a second court to review the findings and resolve mistakes, though the key legal issues can be confusing for many litigants.

You can trust our team at HD Law Partners to guide you through the appeals process, whether you are seeking review or need representation to fight a case. Please contact our office to set up a no-cost consultation with a Tampa appellate attorney, and read on for some basic information about appeals.

Overview of the Florida Appellate Process

Keeping in mind that the point of appeals is to correct mistakes and not retry the case, you should understand how they proceed. The process starts by filing a Notice of Appeal with the Florida Second District Court of Appeal, which covers Tampa and all of Hillsborough County.

The party seeking review, the appellant, will also file a brief pointing out alleged mistakes by the trial court, the legal reasoning behind them, and a request for the appellate court judges to resolve the error. All documents must be forwarded to the other party, the appellee. From there, additional stages may include:

  • Filing of a brief by the appellee, explaining why the lower court decision should be upheld;
  • Oral arguments by the appellant and appellee; and,
  • A decision by the appeals court judges.

Note that there are no witnesses or testimony in an appeal. The appellate court is limited to the written transcript of the trial court and the exhibits entered into the record during the trial.

Potential Outcomes of a Civil Appeal

The specifics will vary depending on your case, but the appellate court may enter any of the following decisions:

  • Denial of the appeal and upholding the trial court’s decision;
  • Finding that an error was made and reversing the trial court;
  • Identifying a mistake and instructing the trial court on how to resolve it; or,
  • Any combination of the above.

Our Tampa Appellate Lawyers Handle the Legal Issues

HD Law Partners will tackle the critical tasks necessary to promote your interests in an appellate case. Our legal services include:

  • Reviewing the trial record for errors;
  • Developing an appeals strategy;
  • Researching and analyzing case law to support your position;
  • Filing the Notice of Appeal, briefs, and other essential documents;
  • Presenting oral arguments at an appellate hearing; and,
  • Many other areas of appeals representation.

Contact a Tampa Appellate Lawyer to Discuss Your Case

No matter what side you occupy in an appellate matter, it is critical to retain skilled legal counsel to assist with your case. Our attorneys at HD Law Partners have over 40 years’ combined experience in various types of litigation, including appeals. To learn how we can help, please call our Tampa, FL office at 813-964-7878 or visit us online. We can schedule a free consultation to review your circumstances and determine how to proceed.

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