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Tampa Estate Planning Attorney

Contrary to what many people think, estate planning is for everyone and not just the elderly or those with very large estates. However, waiting too long to have the proper planning in place can be devastating for the entire family. Our Tampa estate planning attorney can provide you with a comprehensive and thorough plan that will take care of you now and your loved ones when you are gone. Below are just a few of the ways we can help draft the important documents you need.


A will can determine which of your beneficiaries will obtain your property after you pass away. You can also include other provisions, such as the person you would like to name as guardian of your children if you can no longer care for them. Without a will, distributing your estate is done according to the state’s intestacy laws. This means that your beneficiaries may not receive the assets you wanted to leave for them.

Advance Directives

No one ever knows what will happen in life. At some point, you may no longer be able to make important financial, medical, and legal decisions for yourself. An advance directive can outline which medical procedures you do or do not want to receive in the future. It is critical that when creating a health care surrogate, power of attorney, or other legal document that you choose someone you trust fully and completely.


While a will allows you to name beneficiaries and dictate who will receive portions of your estate after you pass away, a trust can also do the same thing. Unlike wills, trusts do not have to go through probate and so, your loved ones can receive their inheritance even sooner and with fewer challenges to face.

Types of Probate in Florida

There are two different probate processes in Florida. During probate, a person’s estate is valued, reviewed, and distributed by the court. The first type is formal administration and it is the most common. During this type of probate, family members can contest wills and creditors can make claims against the estate.

The second type of probate, known as summary administration, is essentially a simplified version. Summary administration is meant to make the process more efficient and only applies to small estates. The deceased must have also been dead for more than two years, after which time all creditors are barred from making claims against the estate.

Our Estate Planning Attorney in Tampa Can Help with All Your Needs

Talking about estate planning is never fun, and it can also be uncomfortable. However, it is one of the most important types of planning you will ever do. At HD Law Partners, our Tampa estate planning attorney can review your situation, help you determine which tools are most appropriate, and draft legal documents that will be considered enforceable by the courts. Call or text us now at 813-964-7878 or connect with us online to schedule a free review of your case and to learn more about your options.

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