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Sarasota Breach of Contract Attorney

When you enter into a contract with another party or parties, you should be able to expect that everyone will abide by the terms of the contract. However, parties breach contracts everyday. In some cases, the breaches are non-material and do not have negative consequences. In other cases, a party might breach one or more of the terms of the contract for legitimate and lawful reasons. And in yet other situations, one or more of the parties to a contract is named in a breach of contract claim when there was no breach of contract.

At HD Law Partners, we have years of experience assisting individuals and business owners with many different types of breach of contract claims in Florida. A Sarasota breach of contract attorney at our firm can discuss your case with you today.

Examples of Breach of Contract Claims in Sarasota

There are numerous kinds of breach of contract claims in Sarasota. Our firm handles many different types of cases, including but not limited to:

  • Breach of commercial lease agreement;
  • Insurance contract claims;
  • Business disputes and breach of contract claims;
  • Employment contract breaches; and
  • Agreements involving family members and family law.

Understanding Material and Non-Material Breaches in a Sarasota Contract

Contracts often have language and terms that are specific to the type of agreement being made between the parties. For example, a commercial lease agreement will have much different terms than a sales agreement between a small business owner and a supplier, or between an insurance company and one of its insureds. However, regardless of the type of contract at issue, there are two kinds of breaches: material and non-material breaches.

In most cases, only a breach of contract claim that involves a material breach will be able to result in a successful damages award for the plaintiff or petitioner. A material breach is a breach of a major term or element of the contract, or a significant breaking of the contract in some fashion. A non-material breach, differently, typically is a minor breach of the contract that does not have any significant consequences. Usually only material breaches will result in damages, which are necessary in order for a plaintiff or petitioner to have a successful breach of contract claim.

Remedies for Sarasota Breach of Contract Claims

Different remedies may be available depending upon the specific facts of the case. Examples of remedies include:

  • Specific performance; and
  • Compensatory damages (or money to account for losses).

 Contact a Sarasota Breach of Contract Attorney Today

When one party to a contract fails to meet one of the terms of that contract, the other party may be eligible to file a breach of contract claim. For most Florida breach of contract claims, the statute of limitations is five years. However, some breach of contract claims have a shorter time window, which means that you should speak with a Sarasota breach of contract attorney as soon as possible to ensure that you file your claim in time. Contact HD Law Partners today to discuss your case with an advocate at our firm.

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