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Tampa Mold & Water Damage Attorney

Mold and water damage are unfortunate facts of life here in Tampa, where we receive an average of 46 inches of rainfall per year, according to US Climate Data, and the average daily humidity hovers at 74 percent. As a result, hundreds of thousands of mold and water damage claims are filed in Florida every year, many of which being invalid claims, while others highly exaggerate the true cost of the damage done to the property. The Tampa mold & water damage attorneys of HD Law Partners defend insurers who are put under pressure to pay out unfounded claims from damages caused by uncovered perils. We can help you negotiate the claim value or deny the claim outright, and backup that decision in court through litigation if necessary.

Unfounded Water Damage Claims in Tampa

Water damage is the third most expensive type of homeowners’ claim, behind only fire damage and bodily injury/property damage claims, according to the Insurance Information Institute. At over $10,000 per average water damage claim, insurers are often responsible for paying out large amounts to cover the cost of repairs. Yet, many water damage claims are a result of uncovered perils, such as a slow leaking water pipe, or a flood. Another uncovered peril that causes a surprising amount of water damage nationally is sewage backup. To protect yourself from paying out on invalid claims, the cause of the water damage must be fully understood. A burst pipe is a valid claim, while a slow-leaking pipe that has caused water damage for months, is not; our attorneys assist with establishing the cause of the damage and help our clients defend that finding in and out of court to prevent overpayments.

Preventable Mold Damage is Not a Covered Peril

Florida’s warm, wet, and humid climate is prime condition for mold growth. In fact, Florida is so humid that the Environmental Protection Agency’s recommendation of setting indoor humidity at 30-50 percent is simply impossible for some homes, unless a dehumidifier or fans are used. Humidity above 60 percent will induce mold growth. And, it is the responsibility of homeowners to ensure that high humidity does not cause mold growth and damage. High humidity and a preventable pipe leak both examples of perils that are not covered. Flooding resulting in mold is generally not a covered peril as well. It is always necessary to investigate the cause of the mold, and litigation may be necessary when the policyholder presses on with their inaccurate claim.

The Tampa Mold and Water Damage Attorneys of HD Law Partners Can Help You Receive a Favorable Decision Through Litigation

Insurers have a responsibility to cover the costs of valid mold and water damage rebuilds in return for their customers’ timely premium payments. The system is designed to be beneficial for both parties in this sense. However, fraud, exaggerated claims, and unfounded claims deteriorate the balance of this relationship, and such claims must be denied or reduced in value. For help, call the Tampa mold and water damage lawyers at HD Law Partners today 813-964-7878 to schedule a free consultation.

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