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If you received an unfavorable finding in a civil lawsuit, you probably realize that you have a second opportunity to obtain a favorable outcome by taking your case to appeal. What you may not know is that the appellate process is about correcting errors made by the trial court judge, so it does not provide a chance to retry your case. These factors plus a magnitude of complicated rules makes an appeal one of the most complex legal proceedings under Florida law.

At HD Law Partners, our Bradenton appellate attorneys are dedicated to advocating on behalf of clients throughout the legal process, including appellate cases. We have more than four decades of combined experience in a wide range of litigation matters, so we are ready to tackle the challenges of appeals. Please contact us to schedule a no-cost appointment, but you might find it helpful to review some general legal concepts.

Basics of Florida Appellate Law

A party can initiate the appeals process by filing a Notice of Appeal in the proper court within 30 days after entry of a final order at the trial level. For Bradenton and Manatee County, the Florida Second District Court of Appeal handles all appellate cases. The appellant seeking review will also submit a brief that describes the error, explains the legal justification for making a correction, and requests the appeals court to take appropriate action. From there, additional steps in the appellate process include:

  • The opposing party, the appellee, will file a response brief that contests the existence of an error and explains why the trial court’s decision should be upheld;
  • Appellant and appellee will attend oral arguments if instructed by the appeals court; and,
  • The appellate court hands down its decision.

Opinion of the Appeals Court

There are no witnesses to testify and no additional evidence is allowed, as the appellate judges are limited to reviewing the transcript of the trial. The court may enter any one or more of the following findings through the process:

  • A determination that there was no error and the trial court’s decision must be upheld;
  • Reversal of the trial court’s final order on the grounds of a mistake;
  • Identifying a mistake and providing instructions on how to correct it;
  • Identifying a mistake and instructing the trial court on how to resolve it; or,
  • A decision affirming and reversing certain parts of the trial court’s order.

You Can Trust Our Bradenton Appellate Lawyers for Support

Our team at HD Law Partners provides essential legal services at every stage of an appeal, such as:

  • Analyzing the trial court record for errors;
  • Researching statutes, case law, and other sources to prepare the brief and get ready for oral arguments;
  • Preparing all required notices and briefs; and,
  • Arguing your position before the appellate court.

Discuss Your Case with Our Bradenton Appellate Lawyers

For additional information on potential strategies as appellant or respondent, please call HD Law Partners to set up a free consultation. You can reach our Bradenton office by calling 941-365-0559 or filling out an online form. After reviewing your circumstances, our attorneys can explain your options.

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