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Taking A Close Look at Joint Custody in Florida

By HD Law Partners |

When it comes to child custody, the general ‘trend’ today is to encourage joint custody, which allows a child to share the same or close to the same amount of time with both parents, and includes both legal (decision-making) and physical (where the child spends their time) custody. According to extensive studies, children who… Read More »

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12 Signs That Divorce May Be a Happier Choice for You

By HD Law Partners |

In contemplating whether or not you want to get a divorce, the experts suggest not only asking yourself what your goal is and whether divorce is your best option to achieve it, but to analyze a number of potential red flags, as opposed to just one. Below, we discuss 12 that you may want… Read More »

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Help Communicating with Your Ex After Divorce

By HD Law Partners |

As family law attorneys practicing here in Florida, during the month of August, we tend to see divorce filings spike. While divorce can be difficult and overwhelming, there are some new tech -related services that can help in terms of coordinating child issues with your ex and getting connected to helpful resources for divorce… Read More »

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The Biggest Money-Related Reasons People End Up Getting Divorced

By HD Law Partners |

Money related issues are one of the number one reasons couples end up seeking a divorce. For many, it is the number one cause of arguments between two married individuals. This is no surprise as, regardless of whether a couple is wealthy or in debt, many have financial disagreements. Below, we discuss some of… Read More »

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