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Family Law Issues in The Time of the Coronavirus


Everyone around the world is feeling the impacts of the coronavirus, whether you are looking at business closures, working remotely from home, children’s schools closing, hospitals, or a number of other everyday regular fixtures in our lives. However, no one was really prepared for the virus to affect family law issues, such as divorce and parenting plans. A number of schools here in Florida closed and are not going back for the rest of the academic year, while others are closed until at least April 15.  As a result, most parents found themselves staying at home for coronavirus seclusion with their kids during the first few days of the lockdown, and then perhaps transitioning the kids to the other parent as part of their time sharing plans.

Yet because there is no “pandemic clause” in a divorce agreement, a number of parents are also now experiencing severe anxiety when it comes to these custody issues and the regularly-scheduled transitions between parents. While their parenting plans may cover ‘normal’ days, they, by no means, cover what is happening at the moment with the coronavirus. In fact, in some states, it has become such an issue that some state Supreme Courts have had to weigh in and dictate that divorced couples follow originally published school schedules.

The Many Challenges Arising for Families During This Crisis

Still, this does not address a number of unique circumstances that have come up for families; for example, one couple, whereby a parent just returned from international travel and was supposed to be quarantined for two weeks, but was also supposed to have his child for regular visitation at the same time. As a result, he reportedly insisted on taking the child for regular visitation during this time, without being quarantined, over the mother’s objections. Another family experienced one parent taking the child out of the country in violation of their agreement because the parent reportedly felt that the United States was not safe. Also hanging in the balance for a number of Florida families are alimony, child support, and other divorce-related issues, including modifications related to property division issues.

Our Florida Family Law Attorneys Are Working Through These Times to Provide You with Assistance

At HD Law Partners, our dedicated Florida family law attorneys are working through these times to help ensure that you have help during these emergency times. Although there are some court closures and restrictions in light of the coronavirus, there is still a certain amount of family law work that can be done; for example, changes to parenting plans done via negotiations and, eventually, mutual agreement.

We understand how these situations can impact almost every aspect of your life. Allow our Tampa family attorneys to use our professional skills and experience to help you during these difficult times. Contact our office today to find out more.



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