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Here in Florida, tropical storms and hurricanes dump double digit inches of rain in a matter of days, and storm surge raises the sea level by dozens of feet, both of which cause serious flooding damage to residents and business owners. These individuals rely on their insurance carriers to help them repair the damage done to their properties. While the majority of flood and water damage claims are legitimate, there are those claims that should be denied or reduced in value before being paid. The Tampa flood damage attorneys at HD Law Partners are committed to saving our clients from overpaying flood and water damage claims, and from paying out exaggerated or unfounded claims that could seriously harm their business in the long run.

Is the Water Damage Claim Actually a Flood Damage Claim?

Flooding is the number one type of storm damage in Florida, costing tens of billions of dollars each year. Here in Hillsborough County, there have been over 88 flooding events, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, making it one of the most flood-prone counties in the state, in a state that is one of the most flood prone in the nation. Many water damage claims caused by hurricanes and tropical storms are, in fact, caused by flood damage, which is, of course, not a covered damage under most private insurance policies. While the National Flood Insurance Program offers flood insurance through private insurers, most residents in Florida do not have this coverage, in which case their claim must be denied. Flooding is defined as the following under Florida statute 627.715:

  • General and temporary complete or partial inundation of two or more normally dry acres of dry land, or inundation of two or more properties, at least one of which property is the policyholder’s, caused by:
    • Overflow of inland or tidal waters (tidal surge);
    • Unusual and rapid accumulation or runoff of surface waters from any source;
    • Mudflow; or
    • Collapse or subsidence of land along the shore of a body of water caused by erosion or undermining.

If the water damage in your customer’s claim falls under the above definition of a flood, it can be denied outright.

National Flood Insurance Program

Under the federally backed National Flood Insurance Program, your customers may indeed be covered for flood damage. However, the extent of the damage must still be investigated to save your company from overpaying a claim. Our lawyers will investigate the true cost of rebuilding the home and replacing damaged property so that you are not left with a bill worth more than the home’s original value.

Reach Out to Our  Tampa Flood Damage Attorneys for Professional Legal Assistance

For assistance with suspected illegitimate, duplicated, exaggerated, and unfounded storm and water damage claims, do not hesitate to contact the lawyers of HD Law Partners. We act as a barrier against fraud and deceptive claims so that you are only responsible for paying reasonable amounts for valid flood and water damage claims. Call 813-964-7878 today to schedule a free consultation.

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