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Tampa Commercial Litigation Attorney

Experienced Florida Commercial Litigation Lawyers

Commercial litigation covers a broad range of legal issues and concerns affecting businesses of all sizes and types. These matters often complex rules and regulations, with outcomes that can have serious repercussions, both for business owners as well as their employees. At HD Law Partners, our Tampa commercial litigation attorneys provide the aggressive legal representation you need to help protect your interests in a variety of business concerns, and you can trust our legal knowledge and ability to guide you through whatever situation you and your company are currently facing. Whether defending your interests in the courtroom or during fierce negotiations, our 40 years of combined experience in representing clients in the business community helps you to achieve the most successful outcome possible in your particular case.

Legal Issues That Can Impact Your Florida Business

There are both state and federal laws that apply when operating a business, and it is not uncommon for potentially serious issues and disputes to arise. The state requires various businesses to secure and maintain certain licenses, permits, and registrations, while also mandating procedures for handling employees, taxes, and day to day operations. While the Florida Business Corporation Act has helped clarify and streamline these procedures, meeting these state requirements can be a snare for business owners. In addition to state law, there are also Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations and Federal Trade Commission Antitrust Laws which must be followed. Any venture or transaction that does not adhere to these guidelines could subject your business to serious financial losses, while putting you at risk for legal repercussions, including heavy fines and a potential jail sentence.

Aggressive Legal Representation at the Negotiation Table or In the Courtroom

At HD Law Partners, our commercial litigation lawyers use their legal knowledge and experience to assist you, both at the negotiation table and in the courtroom. We provide competent legal counsel our clients need in a wide array of commercial disputes, including the following:

  • Antitrust laws and competition between business;
  • Business torts and legal liability;
  • Contract disputes and joint partnerships;
  • Corporation establishment and governance;
  • Business fraud and consumer disputes;
  • Business insurance coverage and claims;
  • Corporate takeovers and mergers;
  • Securities, stock, and shareholder issues;
  • Non-compete clauses and trademark disputes;
  • ERISA and employment litigation.

While certain types of disputes can be resolved between the parties without formal legal action, others end up going to court, involving disclosure of documents, appearances at hearings, lengthy delays, and the potential for a court trial. Whatever the circumstances are in your particular situation, you can trust our commercial litigation lawyers to act as a strong legal advocate on your behalf, helping you achieve the best outcome in your case.

Contact Our Tampa Commercial Litigation Attorneys for Professional Legal Help

When dealing with situations that could have serious impacts on your business success as well as your personal freedoms and financial security, get the legal assistance and advice you need and contact HD Law Partners today. In matters both big and small, our Tampa commercial litigation attorneys can aggressively defend your interests, ensuring your rights and assets are protected. We are eager to serve all Florida clients who need our assistance.

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