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Tampa Commercial Landlord & Tenant Attorney

Do you have questions about drafting a commercial lease, enforcing one of the terms of an existing lease, or handling a commercial eviction proceeding? Florida law (Fla. Stat. § 83) governs nearly all commercial landlord and tenant law issues arising in Tampa, from the initial stages of a lease agreement to the termination of a commercial lease agreement. While commercial leases can be straightforward, it is important to have an experienced Tampa commercial landlord & tenant attorney on your side to ensure that your rights are protected under Florida law. An advocate at HD Law Partners can get started on your case today.

Learning More About Tampa Commercial Landlord & Tenant Law

Commercial landlord & tenant law involves many different matters that can arise in the course of a relationship between a commercial landlord and tenant. In most situations, legal issues concerning commercial landlord and tenant law involve commercial leases. Yet even within the narrower category of commercial leases, there are numerous issues that can require the help of a dedicated Tampa commercial landlord and tenant law attorney.

For example, all of the following are types of issues that come up with regard to commercial leases in Florida:

  • Enforceability of oral versus written contracts;
  • Tenancy at will issues;
  • Elements of a valid commercial lease;
  • Rules for interpreting a commercial lease;
  • Corporations as parties to commercial leases;
  • Apparent authority in the signing of a corporate lease;
  • Eviction proceedings;
  • Breach of contract claim related to a term in a commercial lease;
  • How a covenant of continuous operation can affect a commercial lease agreement;
  • Landlord’s covenant of quiet employment;
  • Tenant duties under the terms of the commercial lease; and
  • Landlord duties under the terms of the commercial lease.

Handling a Wide Variety of Commercial Landlord & Tenant Issues in Tampa

The attorneys at HD Law Partners work with clients on many different kinds of commercial landlord and tenant issues in the Tampa area, including but not limited to the following:

  • Negotiating the terms of a commercial lease;
  • Drafting a commercial lease;
  • Amending a commercial lease;
  • Enforcing the terms of a commercial lease;
  • Removal actions;
  • Tenant eviction and eviction actions more generally;
  • Landlord liability for injuries on the premises;
  • Breach of contract claims;
  • Wrongful eviction claims;
  • Pre-existing defect(s) on the premises;
  • Remedies available to a tenant; and
  • Remedies available to a landlord.

Contact a Tampa Commercial Landlord & Tenant Law Attorney

Commercial landlord & tenant law can be extremely complicated, especially when a dispute arises. By working with an experienced commercial landlord & tenant law attorney in Tampa from the beginning, we can help to ensure that you have an enforceable commercial lease and that you have experienced counsel on your side in the event of a dispute. Do not hesitate to reach out to HD Law Partners to learn more about the services we provide to clients in the Tampa Bay area. Contact us today for more information about how we can assist with your legal issue concerning Florida commercial landlord and tenant law.

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