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Sarasota Vandalism & Arson Attorney  

Arson and vandalism are two of the most shocking, disturbing, and hurtful types of home damage that a homeowner ever experiences. A storm takes off a roof with hateless indifference, while graffiti, arson, and rocks through windows were all caused with an intent that makes them so much harder to understand. Thankfully for homeowners, vandalism and arson are both covered types of damages, and in most cases claims are approved with relative ease and swiftness. However, some cases require a little more attention to detail. Overinflated claims can end up costing insurers in the long run, while homeowner-caused arson is still used to this day to get large cash payments. Our Sarasota vandalism & arson attorneys here at HD Law Partners assist insurers with uncovering fraudulent and invalid claims, as well as exaggerated claims that misrepresent the true extent of the damage.

Covered Vandalism Perils

Vandals are typically minors or young adults, though a recent study found that, at least for traffic sign vandalism, young age was less of a factor than median household income. Vandalism, while more common in lower income areas, can affect everyone; younger perpetrators generally have no motive to harm a specific individual, while older vandals use their destruction as a method of getting even. Vandalism comes in many forms, most of which are not very expensive in costs of repair. These include the following:

  • Tearing up grass or causing damage to landscaping;
  • Putting glue in locks;
  • Egging;
  • Breaking windows;
  • Slashing tires or keying cars;
  • Breaking and entering damages:
    • Clogging sinks while the water is running;
    • Damaging furniture;
    • Defecation;
    • Damaging electronics and other personal property.

Uncovering Arson Insurance Fraud  

Insurance fraud consists of padding or overinflating claims, staging accidents, misrepresenting facts, and submitting claims for damages that did not occur. Quite possibly the most egregious, and potentially fatal, type of insurance fraud is arson. However, insurance fraud is relatively rare when it comes to arson. It is suspected in eight percent of intentional fires, according to the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud. However, arson must always be throughout inspected to rule out insurance fraud.

Vacant Homes Are Not Protected Against Vandalism Damages

If a home is vacant for a specified period of time, usually 30 to 60 days, any vandalism that occurs is not covered by the insurer. Vacant or unoccupied homes are targets for vandals and squatters. As such, homeowners are left with the responsibility of paying for vandalism damages when they choose to let their property go unlived in for long periods of time.

Call a Sarasota Vandalism and Arson Damage Attorney Today

Because vandalism and arson are both intentionally caused by people, it can be easy for a homeowner to get away with insurance fraud. In most cases, minor forms of vandalism, such as egging, may only result in a few hundred dollars of damage, if that. A homeowner may be better off taking care of the issue themselves, instead of over inflating the claim. Here at HD Law Partners, we assist insurers by investigating claims and carefully reviewing policy details, all to protect the best interests of our clients. Call us today at 813-964-7878 to schedule a free consultation.

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