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Alimony can be a vital resource for separating couples. It can be used for re-education, getting back on one’s feet after divorce, or as a permanent aid usually reserved for older people that would not realistically be able to enter the workforce. We represent clients who wish to attain alimony in one of its many forms, and have been successful in reaching positive resolutions for many of our clients. However, we also represent those who are concerned about the amount of alimony that they might have to pay. If you believe that alimony should not be necessary for your ex-spouse, or that the amount that they are asking for is too great, contact our Sarasota alimony attorneys at once. Due to an undefined and accepted purpose of alimony, there are wide fluctuations of alimony decisions, modifications, and termination, according to the Florida Bar Journal.

There are Six Types of Spousal Support

The general public is not always aware of the various types of spousal support (alimony) available. Alimony is not always a permanent fixture after divorce. In fact, five of the six types of alimony in Florida are not permanent, according to Florida statutes 61.08.

  • Temporary alimony is granted for the period of time when a couple is separated but not yet divorced, and is meant to help the spouse maintain the lifestyle to which they are accustomed during this period of time;

  • Bridge the gap is similar to temporary alimony in that it is designed to help the person transition from being married to being single;

  • Lump sum alimony is a one-time payment that cannot be modified at a later date;

  • Rehabilitative alimony is used to assist a person become self-supporting through education and the development or redevelopment of skills, credentials, or work experience. There must be a specific rehabilitative plan in place for rehabilitative alimony to be paid. This type of alimony may be modified or terminated if there is a substantial change in circumstance, the rehabilitative plan becomes completed, or the party does not comply with the plan.

  • Durational alimony is set for a specified length of time and is used when permanent alimony is inappropriate. It is usually awarded in short to moderate-length marriages and cannot run longer than the duration of the marriage; and

  • Permanent alimony is set for the lifetime of either party (it and durational alimony terminate upon the death of either party). It is granted to long-term marriages, and in some cases short term marriages if circumstances permit.

Elements for Determining Type and Financial Sum of Alimony

Factors leading to a court’s decision regarding alimony are based on the following in Florida:

Elements for Determining Type and Financial Sum of Alimony

Factors leading to a court’s decision regarding alimony are based on the following in Florida:

  • The length of the marriage;
  • The standard of living the parties were accustomed to while married;
  • The age of the spouses, and any physical or mental condition that could impede their earning potential;
  • The education level and earning capacity of the spouse requesting alimony;
  • The financial contribution each party made to the marriage;
  • Any support provided by one spouse to the other in achieving educational or career goals;
  • The total dollar amount of assets and income belonging to each party; and
  • In court proceedings to award alimony, any marital misconduct, such as adultery or habitual drunkenness or drug use, could have negative impacts, both on the spouse requesting alimony and on the one required to pay.

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