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Sarasota Commercial Litigation Attorney

One of the more complex areas of law is commercial litigation, which encompasses a wide array of legal issues, regulations, and all types of businesses large and small. There is a lot at stake in commercial litigation as well, due to the vast number of employees involved with jobs on the line. Our experienced Sarasota commercial litigation attorneys of HD Law Partners employ aggressive tactics and comprehensive strategies to combat any legal issues or disputes that your company is faced with. Our attorneys, who have a combined experience of more than 40 years, are sage negotiators and accomplished courtroom tacticians as well. Contact us at once to discuss your concerns so that we can begin working on a strategy to meet your specific needs and come to the most beneficial outcome for you and your company.

Meeting Both State and Federal Laws and Regulations

The Florida Business Corporation Act, Chapter 607 of Florida statutes, lays out the groundwork for specific regulations pertaining to various businesses. However, meeting all required regulations and securing all the necessary licenses and permits, as well as keeping up to date on the state’s requirements for handling employees and paying taxes, can be too much for a small business owner who already has enough on their plate, or a large company with dozens or hundreds of employees and multiple locations to manage. Both the regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Federal Trade Commission Antitrust Laws must also be adhered to. Serious financial loss and even jail time can occur by violating these federal laws.

Aggressive Legal Counsel

The commercial litigation attorneys of HD Law Partners are aggressive and experienced negotiators and are more than prepared to represent you in court if need be. We handle a wide variety of disputes, including the topics listed below:

  • Antitrust laws and competition between business. In order to stifle mergers that would give companies a grossly unfair advantage, Florida’s Anti Trust Act of 1980 states that the goal of the laws is to “complement the body of federal law prohibiting restraints of trade or commerce in order to foster effective competition,” according to Florida statutes 542.16;
  • Business torts and legal liability;
  • Contract disputes and joint partnerships;
  • Corporation establishment and governance;
  • Business fraud and consumer disputes;
  • Business insurance coverage and claims;
  • Corporate takeovers and mergers;
  • Securities, stock, and shareholder issues;
  • Non-compete clauses and trademark disputes; and
  • ERISA and employment litigation.

While commercial disputes can be resolved out of court, unfortunately others cannot. Going to court is usually a longer process, can be more stressful, and often calls for the disclosure of documents, but our experienced commercial litigation attorneys are prepared to advocate on your behalf no matter what your legal needs may be, and will help you reach the most beneficial outcome for your business as possible. Contact the Sarasota law office of HD Law Partners today to discuss your needs, concerns, and to learn how we can help resolve your issues.

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