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Sarasota Commercial Landlord & Tenant Attorney 

Commercial landlord-tenant law in Sarasota, Florida (Fla. Stat. § 83) covers a wide range of issues that can exist in a commercial landlord-tenant relationship. We often work with clients at the early stage of a landlord-tenant relationship, drafting a commercial lease and negotiating its terms. We also provide counsel to clients who have commercial landlord-tenant law disputes, from breach of contract claims to other issues that arise out of the lease agreement. Yet landlord-tenant law claims also can extend to the question of remedies and collections once a claim has been settled, or to other liability issues involved in a breach of contract claim.

If you have questions about commercial landlord-tenant law, or if you need assistance with your case, you should speak with a Sarasota commercial landlord & tenant attorney as soon as possible. The lawyers at HD Law Partners can discuss your claim and your options for moving forward.

Our Firm Handles Many Different Types of Commercial Landlord-Tenant Issues in Sarasota

 At HD Law Partners, our lawyers handle many different kinds of claim arising out of commercial landlord-tenant law, including but not limited to the following:

  • Creating commercial lease agreements;
  • Terminating commercial lease agreements;
  • Breach of contract in commercial lease agreements;
  • Commercial landlord-tenant disputes;
  • Pre-suit mediation for landlord-tenant disputes;
  • Removals and evictions;
  • Remedies for landlord in a breach of contract case;
  • Remedies for tenant in a breach of contract case; and
  • Collecting damages.

Understanding the Distinctions Between Commercial and Residential Landlord-Tenant Law in Sarasota

Generally speaking, commercial landlord-tenant relationships are relatively similar to residential landlord-tenant relationships in which the landlord owns property that is rented to the tenant through a lease agreement. In both commercial and residential leases, grounds for termination often include a breach of one or more of the terms of the lease agreement by one or both parties.

However, there are also important distinctions between commercial and residential landlord-tenant law. For example, commercial tenants are business owners who are occupying the space in order to conduct business in some capacity. Since tenants are business owners, not only can they be harmed by a commercial landlord’s breach of contract, but they can also suffer business losses for which a commercial landlord may be liable.

Grounds for Terminating a Commercial Lease

There are different grounds for terminating a commercial lease lawfully. In most cases, lawful termination of a commercial lease is possible when there is a breach of a lease condition or a violation of the law. In general, there are both monetary and non-monetary grounds for terminating a lease.

Monetary grounds for lease termination typically occur when one of the parties fails to meet a financial obligation. In most cases, this is a commercial tenant’s failure to pay rent. There are also many different non-monetary grounds for lease termination, such as the commercial landlord’s breach of covenant of quiet enjoyment, or a landlord’s failure to make necessary repairs on the property. A commercial landlord-tenant law attorney in Sarasota can discuss the specific facts of your case with you today.

Contact a Sarasota Commercial Landlord & Tenant Law Attorney

Commercial landlord-tenant law in Florida can be extremely complicated. As such, it is essential to have an aggressive Sarasota commercial landlord & tenant law attorney on your side to ensure that your rights are upheld. Contact HD Law Partners to learn more about the commercial landlord-tenant law services we provide to clients in Florida.

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