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Orlando Truck Liability Attorney

Of the more than 475,000 collisions that took place in 2016 involving large trucks, nearly one out of four caused serious injuries, and close to 4,000 were fatal, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration(FMCSA). Factors that increase the chances of injuries and fatalities include rollover, and collision with a vulnerable road user such as a pedestrian or bicyclist. Areas hit hardest by truck collisions include road work zones, interstate highways, and rural roads. When a collision between a truck and a passenger vehicle or vulnerable road user occurs, many are quick to point blame towards the truck driver. There is a negative stereotype that truck drivers are careless, reckless, and are always trying to make up time by speeding or cutting other drivers off by changing lanes last second. This stereotype is created, in part, by some of the following facts:

  • Commercial drivers, including truck drivers, are one of the most likely types of drivers to drive drowsy, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); and
  • Large trucks make up only four percent of traffic on the roads, yet are involved in eight percent of fatal traffic collisions, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Moreover, driving a truck is just plain more difficult than driving a small passenger vehicle due to the length of the vehicle, lack of visibility to the sides and rear, and the weight and time it takes to come to a stop. When a collision does occur, the truck driver is often left without any serious injuries, and the other road users are typically seriously injured. However, this does not absolve the other party from fault. Here at the law offices of HD Law Partners, our Orlando truck liability attorneys fight on behalf of trucking companies and their insurance carriers to ensure that all of the necessary evidence is taken into account before a settlement is offered and before a case goes to court. Our comprehensive legal services include negotiation, litigation, and using the aid of outside experts, eye witnesses, police reports, and crash scene reenactment.

Using all of the Available Evidence to Figure Out How the Crash Occurred

Our experienced truck liability lawyers are familiar with the regulations of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) that apply to truck drivers, maintenance of vehicles, qualifications, and hours driven. In addition to police reports and witnesses, we also employ maintenance data, driving logs, black box information, and weight tickets to get to the truth. And because more than one party was involved, the other driver’s actions must also be taken into account. We find the answers to important questions, such as if the other driver was speeding, texting while driving, intoxicated, drowsy, or otherwise driving carelessly or recklessly.

Our attorneys have experience with all types of trucks and all types of collisions, including the following:

  • Jackknifes;
  • Rollovers;
  • Blowouts;
  • Swinging turns;
  • Blind spots;
  • Underrides;
  • Unbalanced/loose load; and
  • Rear-end collisions.

Call an Orlando Truck Liability Attorney Today

The Orlando lawyers at HD Law Partners assist clients by fighting against invalid claims and inflated damages. Call our experienced truck liability defense team at 888-267-5651 today to set up a free consultation at your soonest availability.

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