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Orlando Homeowners’ Association Attorney

According to Associations Now, one in five Americans is a member of a homeowners’ association (HOA), co-op, or condominium community. People living in Florida, along with Texas and California, account for one third of all HOA members in the country. There are plenty of reasons that HOAs attract people living in Orlando as well as those throughout the country; benefits include managed shared spaces, a strong sense of community, not having to do yard work, peace of mind regarding structural repairs, and the simple living that an HOA enables. A study found that 90 percent of people represented by HOAs were happy with their living situation and felt that the HOA was positive or at least neutral, compared to just 10 percent who felt that they had a negative experience. Under Florida statute 720.302, HOAs have certain duties that must be fulfilled, such as giving all members the right to attend meetings, all board meetings must be open to members other than meetings with the HOA’s attorney, voters cannot vote by proxy, and much more. In addition to the complicated laws set out for the management and duties of an HOA, the HOA may face other issues as well, such as the necessity to pursue uncollected fees or sue a contractor.

The Attorneys of HD Law Partners Are Here to Step in When You Need Them The Most

One downside of an HOA is the legal complications that can arise for board members and residents regarding property management, operations, upkeep, repair, and how to conduct an HOA meeting in the first place. Lawsuits filed against the HOA or the individual board members themselves are more common than you may think—filed against residents or third parties. Complying with Florida’s many laws and regulations can be difficult, particularly for HOA board members who have jobs and lives outside of the duty that they volunteered for. Here at HD Law Partners, we have over 40 years’ of combined experience assisting clients protect the interests of their assets and properties. We can help you establish an HOA, collect unpaid HOA fees, sue a contractor over defective construction, and much more. We offer comprehensive legal representation, from drafting documents to filing or defending against lawsuits. Our legal services include the following:

  • Creation or amendment of HOA documents;
  • Inclusion of appropriate covenants and restrictions;
  • Appointments of board members and defining their specific duties;
  • Meeting formats and proper governing and voting procedures;
  • Financial statement procedures and review;
  • Enforcement procedures and disputes involving homeowners;
  • Procedures for collection of unpaid fees and debts;
  • Guidance in asset recovery through foreclosures and seizures;
  • Construction defect litigation and mediation;
  • Document and contract revisions;
  • Litigation against the developer, unit, or parcel owners; and
  • Arbitration and mediation.

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HOAs must strictly adhere to Florida law, or else risk legal issues that can quickly become damaging to the property, as well as damaging to the individual HOA board members. The Orlando HOA attorneys at HD Law Partners assist clients with complex HOA and property management issues, both in prevention of future problems through education and drafting documents, as well as legal representation when lawsuits or other actions are brought. Feel free to reach out to us today at 888-267-5651 to schedule a free consultation.

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