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Orlando Commercial Landlord & Tenant Attorney

The relationship between a commercial landlord and tenant is perfect when everything is running smoothly—the tenant pays rent on time and the landlord carries out their end of the deal by addressing repairs and maintenance when necessary. However, when things go wrong, this can create a cascade of poor decisions that lead to an even worse set of circumstances. For example, the tenant is late on a few monthly payments, which makes the landlord feel free to ease up on the timeliness of repairs, which in turn causes frustration on behalf of the tenant, who continues to pay late or only make partial rent payments. Here at HD Law Partners, our Orlando commercial landlord and tenant attorneys work with landlords and tenants to mend their problems in a mutually beneficial way, if at all possible. In the event that this is not feasible, we are prepared to take the matter to court, give notice to evict bad tenants, and sue for damages.

Bodily Injury Claims

Being sued by a tenant is one of the most damaging things that can be done to you as a commercial landlord. If a lawsuit is successful, your insurance premium is sure to raise, you may face state fines, and the negative publicity will surely stain your record and harm your ability to find quality future renters. We take liability claims very seriously, and investigate such claims thoroughly to get to the bottom of how the injury occurred and what the actual damages are.


Under Florida statutes Chapter 83, landlords must adhere to a strict order of events when it comes to evictions, otherwise they may be heavily fined, sued by the tenant, and blocked from evicting the tenant outright. For example, a landlord must give written notice three days in advance to a tenant who has not paid the rent, requesting them to vacate. For a violation of the lease agreement, the tenant must be given a seven-day notice to vacate. Florida law protects tenants from being wrongfully evicted, and every rule and regulation must be followed to a T by commercial landlords.

Common Landlord and Tenant Disputes That Our Lawyers Regularly Handle

  • Property damage caused by tenant;
  • Injury liability claims;
  • Late rent payment;
  • Non payment of rent;
  • Eviction process;
  • Violation of lease agreement, including, but not limited to:
    • Alleged failure of the landlord to fix damages, such as a hot water heater or air conditioner, for example;
    • Noise complaints caused by tenant;
    • Illegal behaviors on premises by tenant; and
    • Other city code violations. In fact, village code and town code violations, such as parking violations, noise violations, and occupancy violations, are one of the leading causes of fines imposed on landlords for no fault of their own. We help our clients recover their damages from the at-fault party and evict those bad tenants.

Call the Orlando Commercial Landlord andTenant Attorneys of HD Law Partners Today

If you are being sued by a tenant, the tenant has left the premises with extensive damage, or you need help securing non payments or evicting a tenant for violating the terms of his or her lease agreement, contact the Orlando law offices of HD Law Partners today. Call 888-267-565 to schedule a free consultation with our Orlando landlord and tenant lawyers today.

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