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Fort Myers Premises Liability Attorney

As a business in Fort Myers, you no doubt invite guests and customers to enter your property on a daily basis. But with business and customers comes the risk of injury, and if someone slips and falls, is assaulted, or is involved in another accident type that results in injury while on your property, your company may be facing a premises liability suit. At the office of HD Law Partners, our Fort Myers premises liability attorneys have been providing premises liability defense to hotel and resort owners, as well as other businesses, throughout Fort Myers for years.

Types of “Resort Torts” and Other Premises Liability Claims We Handle

We provide comprehensive, zealous representation for businesses who are facing premises liability claims, as well as “resort torts” – legal actions filed by vacationers who are harmed on resort property. Our scope of knowledge extends to all areas of premises liability law, and we can defend your business if you have been named in any of the following premises liability case types:

  • Drowning and near-drowning;
  • Negligent security, including rape, assault, and burglary;
  • Food poisoning;
  • Slip and fall; and
  • More.

We can also provide defense to hotels, restaurants, and bars who are named in dram shop liability claims.

How Our Fort Myers Premises Liability Lawyers Help You

When your business is named in a premises liability suit, it is important that you start building your defense immediately. Our lawyers will spring into action to offer you the dedicated, thorough attention that you deserve. We work hard to ask and answer tough questions, such as:

  • What is the comparative liability of the guest/invitee who is filing the claim?
  • Is there causation? Would the plaintiff’s injuries have occurred otherwise (but for a dangerous condition)?
  • Has the statute of limitations expired?
  • Did a dangerous condition exist on the premise?
  • Did you have knowledge of the condition?
  • Is there another party who could be liable?
  • How much time had passed between when you learned of the condition and when the injury occurred?
  • Was the injured party on the property legally or trespassing at the time of the accident?

In addition to digging deep to get answers to the questions that will have a profound outcome on your case, we can also advise your business regarding different areas of your claim. For example, we can advise you in entering a settlement, on risk management and loss mitigation, and in regards to litigation.

Protect Your Business with Qualified Legal Defense

If your business is named in a premises liability claim, you have a lot to lose and may face financial losses, business losses, and a tarnished reputation as such. Fortunately, by acting early and securing qualified legal defense, you can protect yourself. At the office of HD Law Partners, our Fort Myers premises liability lawyers have more than 100 years’ worth of legal experience, and are able to confidently navigate a claim and a courtroom. Please reach us today for a consultation to get started.

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