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Fort Myers Homeowners’ Association Attorney

Homeowners’ associations, or HOAs, play valuable roles in the upkeep and maintenance of various planned neighborhoods and condo developments throughout Fort Myers. However, HOAs also encounter a number of legal issues as a result of their operation, from forming HOA documents that are within the realm of the law to enforcing homeowners’ association rules and bylaws to collecting fees and more. To help you navigate these issues and others, working with a skilled Fort Myers homeowners’ association attorney is strongly recommended. At the office of HD Law Partners, our HOA attorneys are ready to serve you.

Our Services for Homeowners’ Associations

Our lawyers provide comprehensive services to HOAs throughout Fort Myers and surrounding areas. We can act as general legal counsel for your HOA, or serve you in regards to specific actions and issues. Our services include:

  • Drafting and reviewing all HOA-related documents, including HOA bylaws;
  • Amending HOA documents;
  • Navigating the appointment of board members;
  • Defining board members’ duties;
  • Ensuring that an HOA is following proper meeting, voting, and governing procedures;
  • Collecting fees and unpaid fees;
  • Enforcing HOA rules;
  • Revising documents and contractions;
  • Resolving disputes that arise between the HOA and residents or the HOA and other parties;
  • Removing an HOA board member or director;
  • Disputing unpaid HOA dues;
  • Representing the HOA in HOA foreclosures;
  • Representing the HOA in issues between owners regarding rental properties;
  • Managing all arbitration, mediation, and litigation; and
  • More.

If you encounter an HOA issue that you are unsure about, including general navigation of the laws governing HOAs, our legal team can help.

Why Work with Our Law Firm

HOAs are considered corporate entities under Florida law, and therefore must operate in accordance with certain rules and regulations. What’s more, a misstep in dealing with a resident or HOA issue could have costly repercussions, including litigation that costs the HOA thousands of dollars. When you choose our legal team, we will play a critical role in ensuring that documents are drafted correctly, that the HOA is operating within the law, that any resident issues are promptly attended to, and that litigation is avoided unless absolutely necessary. We will also defend you against any issues that arise, including defect and construction disputes, HOA fee disputes, eviction issues, and more. Our legal team has over 100 years of legal experience, a reputation for excellence, and a track record of success. We’re the law firm that you want on your side when responsible for something as significant as a homeowners’ association.

Reach Out to Our Fort Myers Homeowners’ Association Lawyers Today

Working with a qualified attorney is always a smart move – encountering a preventable and costly legal issue is the last thing that you want to deal with. Our Fort Myers attorneys are ready to provide qualified homeowners’ association representation and defense, and can help you to make sound decisions that minimize legal consequences. We know how to protect an HOA’s best interests while ensuring compliance with the law. For your consultation with our legal team, please reach out to our law firm by phone or online today.

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