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Spousal support is one of the most polarized areas of Florida family law. Some people argue that, without generous spousal support, many divorced women would face a lifetime of poverty. Others believe that alimony is basically a financial penalty. Both these positions have at least some validity. For the most part, Florida law does a good job of navigating between these two extremes. That may be one reason persistent alimony reform efforts have all ended in failure.

At HD Law Partners, we understand that there are usually two sides to every story. So, we work diligently to resolve disagreements through mutual agreement. But at the same time, we are passionate advocates for our clients. Our Bradenton alimony attorneys always work to uphold their legal and financial rights. Any proposal which compromises either of these areas is simply unacceptable to use, just like it is unacceptable to you.

Types of Alimony in Bradenton

Spousal support is not automatic in Florida divorce cases. But Hillsborough County judges routinely order it in most cases if the obligee spouse makes any showing of economic need. There are several types of spousal support available:

  • Alimony Pendente Lite: Spousal support “while the case is pending” gives obligee spouses the money they need to meet unanticipated immediate expenses. Some of these items include attorneys’ fees, daycare costs, and real estate deposits.

  • Bridge-the-Gap Alimony: The judge may essentially extend temporary alimony for up to two years if needed. For example, many ex-spouses need an extra income stream while they go back to school.

  • Rehabilitative Alimony: Like the other types of spousal support discussed above, rehabilitative alimony is designed to help the obligee spouse become economically self-sufficient. If that process will take more than two years, additional support is available. However, the recipient spouse must prepare and submit a written rehabilitation plan which the judge must approve.

  • Durational Alimony: If other types of spousal support are insufficient, the judge may order durational alimony. Generally, durational alimony is limited to the length of the marriage. So, if the marriage lasted twenty years, an obligor spouse may have to pay durational alimony for up to twenty years.

  • Permanent Alimony: If the obligee spouse will never become self-sufficient, perhaps due to a disability, s/he may be entitled to permanent alimony. This support may not be “permanent” in the sense that it could be modified later and could also terminate upon the obligee spouse’s remarriage.

In Bradenton, most types of alimony can be modified based on a change of financial or other relevant circumstances.

Factors in Determining Amount and Duration of Payments in Florida

These formats are quite subjective in terms of amount and duration of payments. That’s especially true of longer term alimony payments. To help Hillsborough County judges determine the amount and duration of payments, Florida law lists a number of factors to consider, including:

  • Any agreements between the parties,
  • Each spouse’s financial resources (including any nonmarital property awards),
  • Standard of living during the marriage,
  • Economic and noneconomic contributions to the relationship,
  • Length of the marriage,
  • Custody of minor children, and
  • Tax consequences.

That first point may be the most significant one. Most judges honor spousal agreements regarding alimony even if they are rather one-sided. Also, effective January 1, 2019, the tax consequences of alimony changes significantly. Payments will no longer be tax-deductible and receipts will no longer be reportable income.

Connect With Assertive Attorneys

Spousal support is a key component of many Florida property divisions. For a free consultation with an experienced Bradenton alimony attorney, contact HD Law Partners. Convenient payment plans are available.

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