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Tampa Premises Liability Attorney

The resort offerings and activities in Tampa, Orlando and Sarasota are nearly limitless. Unfortunately, vacationers out for a good time may encounter injury in any number of ways. Whether a guest’s injury is due to a fault on the part of resort staff or management, or the individual guest or some third party, is a question that often requires intense factual investigation to uncover. The Tampa premises liability attorneys at HD Law Partners provide practical legal advice and zealous representation on behalf of resort owners across the spectrum of so-called resort torts, including:

  • Slip and fall
  • Trip and fall
  • Food poisoning/food borne illness
  • Drowning and swimming accidents (pools and beaches)
  • Assault/negligent security
  • Electrocution
  • Catamarans and other boating accidents
  • BBQ grill injuries
  • Dram shop liability (over-served customers at bars and restaurants)

Early intervention is key

Premises liability claims frequently center around transitory foreign substances or other temporary hazards, so early intervention is crucial. The attorneys at HD Law Partners spring into action at the earliest possible moment, conducting a complete investigation, documenting the facts, and determining the need to hire experts where appropriate. The comparative fault of the customer or guest, and the potential liability of other parties are all thoroughly investigated.

As with other negligence torts, a premises liability case turns on several key points, including the existence of a duty of care, a breach of that duty, proximate cause, and injury or damages. Our investigation into premises liability matters looks at all relevant questions, such as:

  • Assumption of risk by the accident victim
  • Comparative negligence of the accident victim
  • Whether the property owner had actual or constructive notice of the condition on the premises
  • Whether the hazard was present for an unreasonable period of time before the accident occurred
  • Whether the dangerous condition was open and obvious
  • The legal status of the accident victim as a public invitee, business invitee, invited licensee, uninvited licensee, or trespasser
  • The nature of any transitory foreign substance
  • Superseding causes

With the facts in hand, our firm is well-positioned to advise the client on risk management, loss mitigation and appropriate litigation strategies. We represent clients in negotiations, mediation, trial and appeal as needed.

Call HD Law Partners for Help with Tampa Premises Liability Defense

For advice and representation regarding a premises liability claim in Tampa, Sarasota, Orlando, Gainesville and surrounding areas, call HD Law Partners at 813-253-5333, or toll-free at 800-876-3392.

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