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Sarasota Premises Liability Attorney

While it is true that business owners and property owners owe their invitees a duty of care to keep the premises safe for all people of all abilities, it is not true that every injury is the owner’s fault. Sarasota is home to many resorts, restaurants, hotels, and other establishments due to the perfect year-round weather and pristine vacation opportunities. In fact, a new tourism record was recently set in Florida during the first quarter of 2016, according to the Florida Times Union. When an accident occurs on such a premises, it is important to enlist the help of an experienced premises liability defense attorney to ensure that any compensation that you are responsible for is indeed warranted. The injury could, in fact, be the fault of the individual themselves or a third party. Our Sarasota premises liability attorneys at HD Law Partners are experienced in handling these types of cases and very often are able to negotiate favorable conclusions for our clients. We handle the following types of premises accidents:

  • Slip and fall;
  • Trip and fall;
  • Food poisoning/foodborne illness;
  • Drowning and swimming accidents (pools and beaches);
  • Assault/negligent security;
  • Electrocution;
  • Catamarans and other boating accidents;
  • BBQ grill injuries; and
  • Dram shop liability (over-served customers at bars and restaurants).

Because falls are the leading cause of accidental injury fatality among Florida senior citizens (aged 65 or older), according to Florida Health, premises accidents such as slip and falls are never taken lightly. Transitory foreign substances, such as water or spilled grease, act as some of the primary causes of slip and falls. For the injured claimant to have a valid case against the owner of the premises, it must be proven that the owner had actual or constructive knowledge of that foreign substance or other tripping hazard. If a pipe had been leaking for months on end, causing a puddle in a store that had been known about for a long time, and a person slipped and was injured because of that puddle, that would constitute either actual or constructive knowledge on the part of the owner. However, if a person slipped on a puddle of water that was just created when another party dropped a bottle of water, there would likely be a very weak rationale for the injured party to file a lawsuit.

We investigate every claim to find out how the accident occurred, how long the transitory object was there, and who, if anyone, knew about the tripping hazard. Additionally, we look at the true slipping or tripping hazard of that object, whether the injured party was intoxicated or was to blame in any other circumstance, and whether or not the injured party was on the property legally, if they were a guest, or if they were trespassing.

Contact Our Experienced Sarasota Premises Liability Attorney

Once our Sarasota premises liability attorneys complete a thorough investigation, we are prepared to take the claim to jury trial if mediation does not work out. Call the Sarasota premises liability defense attorneys at HD Law Partners today for experienced liability representation. We are eager to assist you immediately.

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