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Orlando Premises Liability Attorney

Orlando is ranked one of the best vacation spots in Florida by Tripadvisor, which is backed up in hard numbers—72 million tourists visited Orlando in 2017, according to the Orlando Sentinel. There are hundreds of high end resorts and thousands of hotels and motels in Orlando and surrounding our city. With so many places for tourists to choose from, a bad reputation from a premises lawsuit can be terrible for business. Moreover, you should not necessarily be stuck with the medical bills and pain and suffering expenses of a guest; a thorough investigation needs to be conducted to see what really happened, who is at fault, and what the actual damages were that resulted from the alleged accident. The experienced Orlando premises liability attorneys of HD Law Partners assist resort owners with legal advice and representation in all of the following premises torts:

  • Slip and fall;
  • Trip and fall;
  • Food poisoning/food borne illness;
  • Drowning and swimming accidents (pools and beaches);
  • Assault/negligent security;
  • Electrocution;
  • Catamarans and other boating accidents;
  • BBQ grill injuries; and
  • Dram shop liability (over-served customers at bars and restaurants).

Get In Front of the Situation Quickly By Working With an Attorney From the Beginning

Most often, premises liability claims are caused or claimed to be caused by temporary hazards, such as a wet floor or a contaminated kitchen. As such, it is vital that you begin an investigation immediately before the crucial evidence that supports your side of the story is lost. Our attorneys work closely with investigators to determine what, if any, transitory objects or hazards caused the incident, potential liability of third party, and whether the guest contributed to their injuries with comparative negligence.

Duty of Care, Assumption of Risk, and Comparative Negligence

As a business owner, you have a duty of care to your invited guests. A violation of this duty of care by ignoring a hazard that you knew about directly or with constructional knowledge can open you up for a lawsuit. However, all of the following play an important role in whether the plaintiff has an actual case against you:

  • Assumption of risk by the plaintiff;
  • Comparative negligence of the plaintiff
  • Did the property owner have actual or constructive knowledge about the hazard?
  • Did the property owner have time to remedy the potential hazard before the accident occurred;
  • Was the dangerous condition open and obvious?
  • Was the plaintiff a trespasser, or were they otherwise there not as an invited guest? and
  • The nature of the transitory foreign object.

For Aggressive Defense of Premises Bodily Injury Torts, Contact HD Law Partners Today

Losing a premises liability lawsuit or having to settle will not only be costly, but the negative attention that your resort will receive may harm sales for months and years to come. To protect your business, you need an experienced attorney to fend off slip and fall, burns, and other injuries that are exaggerated, made up, or are the fault of an intoxicated or careless guest. Contact HD Law Partners at 888-267-5651 today to set up a free consultation with one of our experienced Orlando premises liability lawyers.

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