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Fort Myers Product Liability Attorney

Product manufacturers have a duty to manufacture products that are safe for customers to use – assuming that the customers use the products as intended. While this duty is important–and product manufacturers should indeed be held liable when their errors lead to customer injuries–not all product-related injuries are a result of a design or manufacturing defect. In fact, product manufacturers are often unfairly named in product liability suits, putting the manufacturing companies at risk of serious losses.

At the office of HD Law Partners, our Fort Myers product liability attorneys have been providing product liability defense services to product manufacturers in Fort Myers and surrounding areas for years. We understand the complex nature of product liability litigation, and can defend you against allegations.

How We Protect Manufacturers from Fallacious Product Liability Claims

When a consumer is claiming that a manufacturer should be held strictly liable for harm based on a product defect, the customer does not need to prove the product manufacturer’s negligence; rather, the plaintiff need only establish that the product in question was defective, that the defect existed when the product was in the manufacturer’s control, and that the defect was the proximate cause of injury.

Our lawyers will build your defense, proving that a defect in the product did not exist, or that the defect did not exist at the time the product left your control (and therefore another party should be held liable). We will also question whether or not the consumer was using the product as intended, whether or not the plaintiff’s own negligence caused or contributed to their injuries, whether or not the plaintiff knew the product was defective and used it anyway, whether or not the consumer altered the product in some way that caused it to be dangerous, and more. We will also explore other potentially-liable parties, including parties along the distribution chain whose negligence could have caused a defect, should one exist.

Guiding You Through Your Options

Products liability litigation can be extremely expensive for a business, and therefore, most product manufacturers are more interested in alternative dispute resolution options. We will not only build your business’s defense, but also guide you through mediation, negotiations, and other options for settling a claim privately and as effectively as possible. Of course, if a case goes to court, you can count on the 100 years of experience of our trial lawyers.

Acting Early Is Critical

As soon as you have a complaint or a claim filed against your business alleging that it is liable for harm caused to a consumer based on a defect of a product manufactured by your company, you need to act. The weeks and months directly after a claim is filed are very important – evidence needs to be collected and your defense needs to be constructed immediately.

Call Our Fort Myers Product Liability Lawyers Now

Our Fort Myers product liability lawyers at the law firm of HD Law Partners understand how much is on the line. For assistance with your product liability action and the qualified defense you require, please call us today for your consultation.

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