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Orlando Flood Damage Attorney

A flood can wipe away a newly remodeled kitchen, thousands of dollars of flooring, or an entire home in the blink of an eye. If anything is left behind, it is only mold, water staining, and the memory of enormous loss. As an insurer, you understand the great cost that your customers are faced with after a flood or water damage, and you are there for them to help pick their lives back up and start over when it comes to rebuilding their home and replacing their lost personal property. However, your responsibility does not stop there. Insurers must watch out for themselves as well, and avoid costly overpayments. With employees and other shareholders, including your many other customers, you cannot afford to simply pay out every claim in full that comes your way. A skilled homeowners insurance claim attorney is a valuable asset in the fight against insurance fraud, exaggerated claims, and uncovered perils. With skilled litigation and careful flood investigation, the Orlando flood damage attorneys of HD Law Partners protect insurers from claims that should not be paid in full, or not paid at all.

The Number of Homes Insured Under the National Flood Insurance Program is Shrinking

No other state has as many federally backed flood insurance policies as Florida. However, the number of flood-insured homes under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) in Florida is actually declining. In 2012, 23 percent of Florida homes, accounting for two million policies, were insured under the NFIP. In 2017, that number had already decreased to 1.7 million, or just 19 percent of homes, according to the Wall Street Journal. As global warming and sea level rise make flooding events more common and more costly, flood claims will continue to increase in prevalence and in cost. Yet, the cost of continually rebuilding homes that lay in flood zones is simply too high for taxpayers and insurance companies alike to cover every time. Exaggerated claims must be dealt with accordingly.

Is it Water Damage or Flood Damage?

Because most homeowners in Florida do not have flood insurance, and most water damage caused in tropical storms and hurricanes is actually considered flood damage, many water damage claims should be denied by insurance companies. Many homeowners get understandably confused about the difference between flood damage and water damage due to the tricky legal language in Florida law, and it can be difficult explaining to homeowners the difference, let alone proving that their water damage was, in fact, caused by a flood. Moreover, many perils that cause water damage, such as preventable pipe leaks and sewer backups, are not even covered under the general homeowners’ policy.

We  Are Here to Provide Professional Legal Assistance

Through strong negotiation and litigation, the Orlando flood damage lawyers of HD Law Partners will protect your interests while adhering to your company values and sense of responsibility towards your insured homeowners. Reach us at 813-964-7878 today to schedule a free consultation to learn more about our legal services and how we can help your business.

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