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Monthly Archives: April 2023


Common Timeshare Terms You Need To Know

By HD Law Partners |

Every industry has its own terminology, a group of terms that are used specifically within the field. Timeshare development companies and management firms have their own terms as well, so if you are considering buying or already own a timeshare property, it is essential to understand the language being shared within timeshare contracts and… Read More »

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When To Hire A Florida Flood Attorney

By HD Law Partners |

While Florida is known for its sunny, warm days and beautiful beaches, it is also no stranger to storms and floods. The risk of flooding is a regular concern for Tampa homeowners and businesses alike. This is because the Tampa area does not have a lot of topographical relief when heavy rains and tropical… Read More »

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Bills From Chiropractic Care And Personal Injury Recovery

By HD Law Partners |

Because vehicular collisions and other life events can result in back and neck injuries, there are a range of physical recovery plans that could be recommended, including chiropractic care. If you are considering seeing a chiropractor as part of your recovery, you may be wondering how to pay those bills and whether they will… Read More »

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Marital Debt That Is Subject To Division

By HD Law Partners |

Financial review is part of the divorce process, and while there are many reasons why monetary issues can be difficult when ending a marriage, marital debt can make the process even more complicated. In Tampa, FL, marital debt is subject to division during divorce proceedings, and there are many different forms of marital debt… Read More »

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