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Monthly Archives: July 2022


How “Choice Of Law” Affected A Judge’s Interpretation Of A Boating Insurance Policy

By HD Law Partners |

When interpreting an insurance policy, the choice of law will often determine how a court will enforce that policy’s terms. In this context, choice of law refers to which state’s laws govern the policy. Or in some cases, whether federal law may also apply. A recent decision from a federal judge here in Florida,… Read More »

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How “Restrictive Covenants” Work In Florida

By HD Law Partners |

Employment is usually “at-will” in Florida. In other words, an employer is free to fire an employee, or an employee is free to quit and seek employment elsewhere. In many cases, a former employee will find work with another firm that is a direct competitor with the former employer. Some employers want to protect… Read More »

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Can You Sue An Insurance Company For “Unjust Enrichment”?

By HD Law Partners |

Policyholders are understandably upset when an insurance company denies their claim for coverage. This can lead to litigation, typically for breach of contract. But what about other equitable legal remedies? For instance, can you sue an insurer in Florida for unfair trade practices or “unjust enrichment”? Federal Court Rejects Lawsuit Over Travel Insurance Policy… Read More »

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Is A Florida Timeshare Subject To Foreclosure?

By HD Law Partners |

When you purchase a deeded timeshare, you are actually buying an interest in real property. As with any real estate purchase, many buyers finance their timeshares by taking out a mortgage loan. Additionally, many timeshare contracts require residents to pay certain maintenance fees and assessments, just as you would with any homeowners’ association. So… Read More »

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