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Hurricane Claims Process For HOA Buildings Insured Under Standard Flood Insurance Policy

By HD Law Partners |

Recently, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) released guidelines concerning the flood claim process for buildings that are part of a Standard Flood Insurance Policy (SFIP), attempting to expedite payments to policyholders after inspecting damages. In some circumstances, FEMA is also empowered to authorize payments to policyholders even before inspections are done if the… Read More »


Floridians Still Waiting On FEMA And Insurance Payments

By HD Law Partners |

To say that many Florida families have been waiting for assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) after Hurricane Irma is an understatement: It has been over a month, and still, many families are waiting  for someone to come out and just inspect their flood-damaged homes so that they can move on and… Read More »


When Your Business Cannot Reopen After The Storm

By HD Law Partners |

One of the hardest hit areas near Irma’s landfall was Goodland, Florida, where the hurricane not only damaged properties, but permanently “condemned” several businesses, including several local restaurants. As a result, many businesses now have to look for new locations, and some are even collecting donations to rebuild in the community. While many Floridians… Read More »

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Your Rights As A Florida Hurricane Victim

By HD Law Partners |

Florida property owners have thus far filed reportedly $2 billion in claims to their insurance companies seeking assistance for damage caused by Hurricane Irma. The storm was ranked as one of the most powerful to hit the Atlantic, and killed at least 33 people in the state of Florida alone. It is crucial that… Read More »


In Divorce, Not All Assets Are Created Equal

By HD Law Partners |

As highlighted by this CNBC coverage, taking financial missteps during divorce can leave you in bad shape, especially if you and your ex’s finances are closely intertwined. It is crucial that you understand the implications of all the financial decisions being made, even if you are working with an attorney and/or financial advisor. Below,… Read More »


Postnuptial Agreements In Florida: Pausing Before Divorce

By HD Law Partners |

More and more people are considering entering into a postnuptial agreement – also known as a reconciliation contract – in order to take a pause before moving forward with divorce, especially in states like Florida, where the law does not provide an avenue for formal, legal separation. To be clear, a postnuptial agreement is… Read More »


Homeowners’ Associations & Dues

By HD Law Partners |

When it comes to monthly dues and homeowners’ associations, questions come up frequently; both from executives dealing with homeowners who aren’t paying yearly dues; and from homeowners wondering whether there are circumstances that allow them to withhold monthly dues. When it comes to homeowners’ dues, property managers, presidents, and other executives have a fiduciary… Read More »


Landlords & Homeowners Association Dealing With Objectionable Conduct

By HD Law Partners |

There have been a number of disputes around the country of late between landlords and homeowners associations and tenants/homeowners of late over what rights homeowners have to display particular items; for example, flags that others may find offensive. As a result, we thought we would provide some background on what rights both landlords and… Read More »


Grounds For The Termination Of Parental Rights In Florida

By HD Law Partners |

The law favors keeping families together as long as it is in the best interest of the child. In this regard, only very specific actions can lead to the termination of parental rights in states like Florida, actions such as: Written Surrender Parents can voluntarily execute a written surrender of a child and consent… Read More »


“Bare Walls” Or Full Insurance Coverage for Homeowners Associations: A Discussion

By HD Law Partners |

When it comes to running a homeowners association or condominium and all of the upkeep and operations associated with these types of properties, it is important to understand the ins and outs of insurance coverage and liability. For example, “bare walls” insurance plans are often discussed in associations that want to limit the cost… Read More »

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