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Divorcing Later In Life

By HD Law Partners |

The holidays are that time of the year when many Americans start thinking about divorce and a fresh start. January tends to see the highest number of couples seeking divorce. In addition, the most common age for divorce is the mid-to-late 40s. It tends to coincide with the youngest child going off to college,… Read More »


As Divorce Changes American Families, Experts Offer Advice

By HD Law Partners |

New research demonstrates that divorce is actually making American families bigger, with almost one-third of all U.S. households that contain adults under the age of 55 having at least one stepparent, and 33 percent of all couples over the age of 55 having a stepchild. Ultimately, the rise in divorce and remarriage is driving… Read More »


Florida Businesses Still Heavily Impacted By Hurricane Irma, Months Later

By HD Law Partners |

Even three months later, Hurricane Irma and corresponding hurricane insurance claim denials here in Florida are affecting businesses and negatively impacting tourism. While the Florida Keys in particular typically attract more than three million visitors a year—especially right around after Christmas is over—many of the big resorts remain closed after Hurricane Irma. And when… Read More »


Important Real Estate & Property Cases To Watch In 2018

By HD Law Partners |

There are several important real estate cases coming up in 2018 which property owners, landlords, and business owners should keep their eyes on. Below, we discuss these in more detail: Tenants Must Serve Out Remainder of Leases In a December legal dispute between Starbucks and Simon Property Group LP, a judge sided with the… Read More »


Important Reminders As ‘Divorce Week’ Kicks Off

By HD Law Partners |

January 8th is reportedly the beginning of “divorce week,” where the highest number of couples decide to initiate divorce proceedings. To that end, we have provided some recommendations below on how to make it through, as well as important things to keep in mind. Some of the most common topics that partners argue about… Read More »


Calculating Damage For Hurricanes In Florida

By HD Law Partners |

Florida, like Texas and Puerto Rico, has been through a busy hurricane season that has been extremely difficult on residents: just as of September, there were five major hurricanes ranked at category three or higher in strength, 13 named storms, and eight hurricanes total in the Atlantic. Hurricane Irma caused multi-billion-dollar losses, which includes… Read More »


With More Tropical Storms On The Way, Florida Is In Store For More Hurricane Damage

By HD Law Partners |

Unfortunately, hurricane season was catastrophic this year. Because of warming sea temperatures, those like Harvey and Irma have triggered devastating and widespread flooding, with nearly 6.5 million people or a third of Florida’s population having to evacuate. Disaster Unemployment Relief Thousands of Floridians are already having to apply for temporary disaster unemployment relief claims… Read More »


Hurricane Claims Process For HOA Buildings Insured Under Standard Flood Insurance Policy

By HD Law Partners |

Recently, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) released guidelines concerning the flood claim process for buildings that are part of a Standard Flood Insurance Policy (SFIP), attempting to expedite payments to policyholders after inspecting damages. In some circumstances, FEMA is also empowered to authorize payments to policyholders even before inspections are done if the… Read More »


Floridians Still Waiting On FEMA And Insurance Payments

By HD Law Partners |

To say that many Florida families have been waiting for assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) after Hurricane Irma is an understatement: It has been over a month, and still, many families are waiting  for someone to come out and just inspect their flood-damaged homes so that they can move on and… Read More »


When Your Business Cannot Reopen After The Storm

By HD Law Partners |

One of the hardest hit areas near Irma’s landfall was Goodland, Florida, where the hurricane not only damaged properties, but permanently “condemned” several businesses, including several local restaurants. As a result, many businesses now have to look for new locations, and some are even collecting donations to rebuild in the community. While many Floridians… Read More »

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