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Some Men Receive Maintenance Payments After A Divorce


Ending a marriage is extremely stressful. While emotions can be a large part of the upset, there are also times when a pending divorce brings financial stress as well. If one spouse has been earning a lot more than the other, the spouse who does not have access to financial resources may worry about how they will be able to afford daily expenses on their own. Spousal maintenance payments could be an option, for either the husband or the wife. Many more women are breadwinners, and maintenance payments are possible regardless of gender.

If you are a husband who relies on his wife’s income, you are not alone. One report finds women earn more than their husbands in 4 out of 10 two-income families. It is not always easy to untangle the finances of a Florida union, particularly if the couple owns and operates a business or is high-net worth. To have your questions answered, connect with a Tampa family law attorney.

An Array of Factors Will Be Analyzed

There are a range of elements that will be assessed to decide how assets and debts will be divided and if either party is eligible for support once the divorce is finalized. While one or both individuals may have personal options about which gender should be responsible for financial security, financial documents are assessed assuming all assets and debts are gender neutral. Some of the factors that will be considered when it comes to financial awards include the following.

  • How long has the couple been married?
  • Did one individual give up an income to support the career goals of the other person?
  • How much does each spouse currently earn?
  • Is there future earning potential to consider?

When these and other questions have been fully answered, spousal support could be part of the divorce negotiation process. This is particularly true if one spouse is earning substantially more and the other spouse left the workforce years ago to support the earning spouse’s ambitions and take care of household obligations and care for children.

Talk to a Seasoned Florida Divorce Lawyer

Instead of worrying about your financial future and guessing what your budget will look like once your divorce is finalized, connect with a Tampa family law attorney to get the facts. Knowing what is possible will allow you to plan and navigate your divorce with confidence.

Do you believe you should be receiving spousal support after your divorce is finalized? Maintenance payments could be part of your divorce agreement when there is a large gap between incomes or resources. To learn what is possible given the details of your situation, talk to the legal team at HD Law Partners. Our experienced attorneys will review the documentation you have and will strategize a path forward. The skills and knowledge to guide you through the divorce process is available, simply connect with a legal expert. Whether you need advice on spousal payments or child support, we can help.  Call 813-964-7878 to schedule a free consultation.

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