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OTC Drugs Could Hide Symptoms of Larger Issue


Many rely on over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers like Advil or Aleve to manage discomfort and pain following a Florida crash. But while these medications are able to provide temporary relief, it is also important to note that they can mask symptoms of more significant injuries as well.

Instead of leaning too hard on drug store medications, seek medical attention from a licensed healthcare professional. A doctor can connect you with a treatment plan to support your physical recovery, and should you need to secure competition later, a Tampa personal injury attorney can use your medical record to prove the connection between the accident and your medical expenses.

Why OTC Pain Relievers Aren’t Enough

OTC pain relievers are readily available, so they are a convenient way for people to manage minor aches and pains. That said, cornerstone drugs are not a substitute for proper medical evaluation, especially after a car accident.

  • Masking symptoms. Pain relievers are designed to alleviate pain, but they do so without addressing any underlying causes. When pain is suppressed, it can make it difficult to recognize symptoms of more serious injuries, such as internal trauma, concussions, or whiplash.
  • Delayed diagnosis. Some car crash injuries are slow to show, and symptoms may not manifest immediately. If you’re reducing pain with OTC drugs, you may not recognize the early signs of a delayed onset injury, leading to delayed diagnosis and treatment.
  • Legal implications. When a person puts off medical treatment or fails to follow the advice of a medical professional, it can adversely affect their personal injury claim because insurance companies may assert that the injuries were not severe enough for the victim to see a healthcare provider.

After a car accident, consulting a licensed medical professional is essential to having your condition thoroughly evaluated. They can identify injuries that may not be immediately apparent and provide an accurate diagnosis.

Connecting Injured Parties with the Correct Medication

Once you see a doctor they may support you taking OTC medications, but in other situations prescription medications may be necessary for pain management or to address specific medical conditions. A healthcare professional can recommend the appropriate treatment plan tailored to your needs, so you are not guessing what medication to take on your own.

Plus, timely medical intervention can prevent minor injuries from developing into more severe and chronic conditions and medical records serve as crucial evidence in personal injury claims. They provide a clear picture of your injuries, treatment, and recovery process, supporting your legal case.

In addition to seeking medical attention, consult with a Tampa personal injury attorney who can provide you with legal guidance and advocate for your rights. By working with an attorney, you increase your chances of securing the maximum compensation available for your injuries.

Has an accident led to you taking OTC pain relievers on a regular basis? Don’t take your health into your own hands, seek prompt medical attention from a licensed healthcare professional and talk to the lawyers at HD Law Partners. Protect your rights and secure the compensation you need, call 813-964-7878 for a no-cost consultation.

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