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How Do I Cancel A Timeshare?


Because timeshares go through popularity cycles, there are plenty of people who buy into a timeshare when friends are doing so then find themselves, possibly years later, trying to find a way to get out of the agreement. You may have even forgotten about the timeshare only to discover it on your credit report when you are trying to make a different large purchase.

There are steps you can take to successfully cancel a timeshare. Sometimes it is possible to do this on your own, but if you have already tried and not found success or need a professional to help you through the process, connect with a Tampa timeshare attorney. A lawyer who has worked on many timeshare cases could see a path forward you hadn’t considered on your own.

Acting Without Delay

Ideally, you will be able to cancel your timeshare within a set cancellation period. Things become more difficult when you want to cancel and you are past the set period of time for cancelation. Having a legal professional look over the specific options within your contract may be helpful.

Some things to look for when it comes to a cancellation:

  • Are penalties in place if you move toward ending the contract?
  • When would a fee for canceling need to be paid?
  • If canceling is possible, will you receive your money back in full?
  • Will you be held liable in any way?

Take care when reading over contracts. And if you feel you are not able to untangle the wording, have a legal professional look over the terms and language.

Move to Cancel or Sell In Writing

If you have discovered a path to cancel your timeshare, do it in writing. Inquire with the timeshare company what official forms of communication are needed and provide them, following all of the necessary paperwork. And, of course, keep copies for yourself as well.

When it is not possible to solidify a cancellation, there may be an option to sell the timeshare. Some even find selling it back to the timeshare company itself is a way to unload themselves of the payment responsibilities. There may be a transfer fee in order to sell back your ownership, but it could be worth the expense to put the timeshare experience behind you.

There are support systems available to help you, even when you feel trapped in a timeshare agreement you no longer want in your life. Hire a Tampa timeshare attorney who is familiar with local laws and can fight for your release from Florida timeshare contracts.

Do you have questions for a timeshare attorney with experience in Florida laws? Connect with the legal team at HD Law Partners to have an experienced attorney on your side and learn more about your options. Even when you are told there is no way out of an agreement, there may be a way to handle the situation that timeshare company representatives are not readily sharing with you.  Call 813-964-7878 to schedule a free consultation with a member of our team.

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