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Do I Have To Support My Ex If They Are Living With Someone?


Alimony, also sometimes referred to spousal maintenance support, is common. But if you have been making court-ordered payments and have discovered your ex-spouse is now living with a romantic partner, you may be wondering if you still are required to make payments. While it is well known that remarriage can lead to the end of alimony, cohabitation and new relationships aren’t always as clear cut.

Talk to a Tampa family law attorney to have your individual situation assessed. If your ex is enjoying an increased standard of living since they moved in with their new partner, and it can be proven the relationship is supportive and established, including the sharing of finances, alimony payments could be impacted, either reduced or eliminated.

Proving a Supportive Relationship

When a relationship grows into one that is supportive and involves cohabitation, alimony may cease. The important component is being able to prove it is a supportive relationship. So, if your ex is staying with their partner a few days a week and shopping for groceries they will use to make a meal together, it will not likely not be deemed a supportive relationship. Supportive relationships are more involved than that, including joint accounts, for example.

Examples that could prove a supportive relationship:

  • Payment of one another’s medical costs
  • Joint financial accounts
  • Documentation of both names on housing documents
  • Car titles or credit cards that are shared
  • Statements from witnesses of the relationship involving support

Of course, every situation has its own particulars to assess. A skilled attorney can determine which forms of evidence would fortify your argument.

Discuss Your Alimony Concerns with a FL Attorney

It is normal for individuals to enter new relationships after a divorce. But if you were ordered to pay alimony to allow your ex-spouse to continue a standard of living and they are now living with another person who is providing them with financial security, it is natural to question if those alimony payments are still required.

Once you suspect your ex-spouse is no longer in need of alimony, or that they would not receive it should your divorce be decided by a court today, connect with a legal professional. Life changes are common, a lawyer can guide you through the process of modification payments or ceasing spousal maintenance.

To discuss when it is possible to adjust alimony due to cohabitation, talk to a Tampa family law attorney. Legal professionals know what forms of documentation are required in order to move to cease alimony payments.

Has your ex moved in with a partner and you believe they are no longer in need of spousal maintenance payments? Alimony can be revisited when circumstances change, you can take steps to protect your financial future with a modification or the elimination of alimony payments. Long-term relationships and cohabitation commitment can be difficult to prove, but there are ways to secure evidence. Share your objectives with the legal team at HD Law Partners. Our experienced attorneys can walk you through the next steps. Call 813-964-7878 to schedule a free consultation.

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