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Divorce Attorneys and Establishing Key Issues


Because divorce is often a time of life filled with emotion, there are sometimes difficulties in defining key issues. For example, you may have a list of terms you are hoping to include in your divorce agreement, but it may be hard for you to prioritize which terms are crucial to obtaining the post-divorce life you want and which ones are open to negotiation.

When you work with a Tampa family law attorney, you are connecting with a professional who can help you identify your key concerns. Plus, a skilled lawyer then has the expertise required to fight for your top goals so that the divorce agreement you need can be crafted and finalized.

Property Is Often a Top Concern

What will happen to property, including the family home, vacation properties, and income-producing property, is often a key issue for people moving toward divorce. Part of the process is determining which properties are marital assets and which are non-marital. Generally, marital property is any property acquired during the marriage, while non-marital property is any property acquired before the marriage or an asset that was the result of an inheritance or gift. Typically marital property is divided equitably and nonmarital property remains with the original owner.

How property division will occur will depend on the value of the assets and the desires of each individual. For example, the marital home is often one of the most significant assets in a divorce. If both parties want to keep the home, they may need to negotiate a buyout or other arrangement. If the parties can’t agree, the court may order the individuals to sell the home and divide the proceeds.

A full evaluation of assets could also impact property division when it comes to divorce. In order for a full and fair Florida divorce agreement to be reached, all assets must be valued, including real estate, investments, and personal property. Valuing certain assets, such as a business or investment portfolio, can be complicated. Because of this, the services of financial experts may be required.

Child Custody Is a Key Issue

If you and your spouse are parents, it is likely that another critical issue as you move to divorce is child custody and parenting arrangements. Reviewing the legal standards for determining custody and the various factors a court would consider can help as you build a parenting plan that works for you, your spouse, and your children.

It is possible financial support will also be part of your divorce agreement. This could be child support, a financial figure that will be calculated taking into account the child’s needs and each parent’s financial situation, or spousal support, also known as alimony.

A Tampa family law attorney will discuss all of your divorce concerns with you, so that they can help you achieve the agreement you need to move toward the future with confidence.

Could you use guidance on identifying key considerations? With over 40 years of combined experience, the attorneys at HD Law Partners have the skills to secure your objectives. Call 813-964-7878 to schedule a free consultation.

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